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i am not at all against well thought out mods

November 17 2010 at 8:58 AM
l.pirrone  (Login LARRYPIRRONE1)

Response to I would agree - if I was an industrial liability lawyer...

but some of us, including myself, have the tendancy to dive in without knowing exactly what we are doing. i have done that but thankfully nothing that cannot be reversed.

one thing i would like to point out about Vortek kits, or any other spring gun settup, but this may be particularly important with Vortek kits is to avoid over spacing. it is easy to kill a spring this way. I think part of the reason Vortek has gone back to two kits is because it is asking a lot of a kit to bridge the range from sub 12 to 15fpe in one kit and the temptation to over space to maybe get it to 16 is there as well. I am talking about the
TX/B40 kits. Also, i think high altitude may be particularaly hard on springs because of the harsh firing cycle at the high end of the power scale. so, i guess i would err towards the lower power end of the scale at high alititude and be satisfied with 12 ish fpe or even 11. its really enough power i think. for me anyway.

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