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Lighter striker!!!!

December 24 2010 at 7:02 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to QB78 Tuning the two viewpoints I seem to have seen

Lighten the striker!

This is yesterdays string for the .177QB PCP using a 43gr. striker and a .07-.08 transfer port.

10.6gr. Kodiaks
150BAR fill

30fps: 827-857-827 = 26 shots
20fps: 837-857-837 = 22 shots
10fps: 847-857-847 = 15 shots

This is todays tests. SAME spring tension, same transfer port, the ONLY change was a reduction in striker weight to 32grams (an 11 gr. drop). I just got out the dremel with big heavy cut-off wheel and trimmed the sides of the striker at the head and tail, leaving the top and bottom alone.

Same (from the same tin) 10.6gr. Kodiaks
Fill dropped to 140Bar:

30fps: 804-834-806fps = 34 shots
20fps: 814-835-816fps = 26 shots
10fps: 824-835-826fps = 20shots.

Even this reduced speed (call it 16 foot pounds) is more than I really need from a .177 PCP, but the drop in striker weight really seem to increase the shot ****/consistency .

From farting around with various other .22 PCPas, believe reducing the striker weight is the best/easiest direction to take to extend shot count at a minimal cost in velocity/energy.

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