MB was sliding back and slightly rotating.

July 18 2011 at 6:45 PM
James N.  (Login jcnesqmba)

Response to HA! I have had the same problem before with a gun, sometimes it

Thanks farmer. Yes ive shot spring guns for a while but I had some time off so it's always good to get reminders on shooting them. I checked all the screws and tried my best to shoot exactly the same. Grip same spot. Trigger hand thumb and all fingers same spot. But the thumbhole was not familiar to me. And I kept changing grip styles to see if I could find the right one. Unfortunately, when there is something else going on, and it won't group, I get false indicators.

Finally I noticed the MB screws were not aligned. Also when I checked , I had less space between the muzzle and the mb end. The Mb was sliding back and turning.

I had in all used 5 different scopes and 4 different mounts two different Muzzle brakes, 13 different pellets.
I almost had it yesterday but my elite ran out of adjustment.

I did a make shif barrel adjustment. Wooden blocks and me bouncing in the middle. So I went through a few scopes, thinking that I had Broken them or they were already broken, not sure. But now that I got it to group, by securing the MB all the way in, (Hardly any chamber space at all in the MB) I don't know if all these other scopes I put in a bag are really broken.

So I'm going to label the box "possibly broken scopes". I have a leapers on it now. It was one that I was fixing a long time ago the. The left /right adjustment doesn't click. But it turns it and works for adjustment. Once I zeroed I taped the adjustment knob so it doesn't move.

So finally daisy flat nose precision max pellets, half inch groups at 15 yards. I don't know if it was always the MB. Or maybe some of the scopes. At this point, what ever problem each non grouping shooting session was caused by, it's gone. I can't even try to relive it in my mind. It was just about the worse acccurizing process I went through for an air gun. From mounts moving on rail, to scope moving in rings, to busted scopes, to clippng the MB, to a slowly sliding and rotating MB. And of course I think some of it was due to shooting error. Dang thumbholes!

Thank you farmer. I did actually re crown already also.

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