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Shooting the Stoeger X20

December 6 2011 at 1:04 PM
Jeremy  (Login Smaug1)

I was talking to Stephen on the phone the other day and mentioned I was heading off to the indoor range. He asked what I was shooting, I told him, and one of the guns was my Stoeger X20. He's a Stoeger dealer now, so he expressed interest to hear how it went.

I managed one 3/8" group at 30 yards from a seated position. Kind of a field target position, but with no straps, jackets, or appendages to raise the front of the rifle to a comfortable position.

Here are some groups from it from earlier in the season. Stephen. These are some older targets, and I'm not a pro springer shooter by any means. but that 3-shot cloverleaf at 70 yards makes me think the rifle can do more than I'm allowing it to. wink.gif

The details are written on the targets. They were shot from a bench. I can't recall how I rested the front end. I think on my open hand, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Notice that the 25 yard group is proportionally much worse than the 50 and 70 yard targets? I think the dots were too big, and didn't force me to focuse too tightly on it.

The scope mount is a typical one-piece mount, and the scope is a Leapers 3-12x40 AO. These are the best scope around for $70, if you ask me. Only disadvantage I can see is that they're heavy and the reticles are a tad thick.

The BAM rifles seem to get a lot of bandwidth here, but from what I've seen, these Stoeger rifles are a step above them in finish quality. The plastic stock is just great.

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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