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Most folks just probably need to see more good groups,

December 6 2011 at 3:15 PM
VAF  (Login VAFarmer)

Response to Shooting the Stoeger X20

consistantly from these guns.

Most (not all) of these guns have something I really do not care for....that huge,cocking grip/front sight/fiber optic/silencer looking thing at the muzzle....

But the reason the BAMs and the QB's get the lions share is they have put in their dues, and overall have performed well beyond thier price point.

Many of the BAM and AR/QB rifles can be had for around 160.00 shipped, and at disassebled/QC checked in Mike's case.

They will usually come good shooters, and in alot of cases, exceptional shooters.

Mike gives alot of "freebee" with the BAMs as well. Back when other places were selling them, they were selling at a larger price point, without the QC "double-check".

Really though, the groups and alot of exceptional feedback on here does it.

Search B-26, B-40, B-12, B-30, b-25, ruger airhawk/blackhawk, or QB on this forum thread.....sure you'll find a few bad, but most are good to stellar, and there are alot of those reviews.
Most of them are easy to work on, too....

The Stoegers have just come in at a price point a little higher than BAMs, where I for one thought to myself "Oh look, another china rifle!! Wonder if its any good....Well since I can get a B-Whatever at this price point, and know what I'm getting, I'll wait till I see a ton of good reviews for them before I buy one".

Haven't seen alot of bad reviews on them, just haven't seen that many reviews on them either way.
The ones I have looked at, also seem a little on the "heavier than the norm" side.

Hope the feedback explains a little and is helpful.

God bless,


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