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Your thoughts on the MM B-12?

January 15 2012 at 11:45 AM
karlw  (Login karlw)

I just watched a YouTube video on the B-12 air rifle. I have to admit that this air rifle looks a lot nicer finished than I thought it would be.

Among others airguns, I currently have 2 R7 in .177 and an HW50s in .22 caliber. They are both very nice.

I've been very curious about adding an HW30 in .22 caliber, but at $353 for the deluxe model, it was only natural that the B-12 in .22 caliber would catch my attention. I kind of hate to spend $300+ on the HW30 just to satisfy my "curiosity" of what a lower-powered, .22 caliber springer would be like, hence my interest in something like the MM B-12.

I just don't want to be seriously disappointed, after being used to the HW quality level. In truthfulness, I don't EXPECT the B-12 to be "that" good, but if it is still "pretty darned nice" overall, in fit, finish, firing behavior and accuracy" I'd be pretty happy with it, I think. I'm mostly a backyard and basement shooter anyway. I do little to no hunting and just occasional pesting. I'm mostly a plinker, but prefer .22 caliber.

Couple of questions for you guys who own one of these.

1. What is the cost for one of these with a quality "tune" from MM?

2. What is the typical "turnaround time" after ordering it?

3. What's the best way to get ahold of Mike? Phone number? Or does he prefer email?

Anything else I should know about this B-12 rifle?

I generally prefer German airguns, but I will quickly acknowledge that there are "some" Chinese airguns out there, that are really beginning to "catch up" in the quality arena. happy.gif My QB78 Deluxe, is a good example. It's no HW, but for the price paid, it is one Heck of a bargain and I am very happy with it!

Thanks in advance for you comments and input! happy.gif

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