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January 15 2012 at 4:04 PM
Tom  (Login Oldnshakey)

Response to Your thoughts on the MM B-12?

I can't specifically answer most of your questions, but I can provide a little input on my B12 in general. To start, mine is .177. I bought it from Mike with just the standard free lube tune or whatever he normally does. It proved to be a very smooth shooter and very mild. I started breaking it in, and was impressed with the smooth shot cycle. The trigger was light and smooth, although it was a rather long pull compared to my other rifles. To be honest, though, I had been shooting an HW97 and an RWS52. Both those triggers are two stage and pretty crisp. After getting used to the B12 trigger, it is completely satisfactory to me now.
The gun shot pretty well during breakin.

I removed the open sights and installed a scope. I do most of my shooting at around 10-20 yards, but I can't see well enough for iron sights. I found my copy of the rifle to shoot to the right and I didn't have enough scope adjustment to correct. Visually, I could see the barrel was pointing off to the right compared to the compression tube. I didn't call Mike, and I am sure he would have talen care of me, but I am a tinkerer. I removed the barrel and padded the breech block in a vise and tweeked the barrel over to the left. After some trial, it was aligned much better. I now had plenty of adjustment.

Now on paper at around 8 yds in my basement, I could hold around 3/8" and smaller groups with no problems. Like I said earlier, I am a tinkerer. I tried some muzzle weights and got some great groups and some not so great, but not terrible either. I pushed a few pellets through the barrel from the breech end with a rod, and felt there was less resistance near the muzzle about the last two inches. I had checked the crown and it seemed good. I decided to so a chop, so I took off about 2 1/2" and squared the barrel on my mill, (wasn't long enough to reach through the headstock of my lathe). I recrowned the barrel and after several minutes polishing the crown with a round head screw and valve grinding cmpd, it seemed much smoother. Now the pellets seemed to have about the same resistance all the way through.

I made a delrin muzzle break which only acts as a handle for cocking the rifle. Now the gun will consistently shoot one ragged hole group at my 8 yd space in my basement. Too cold to try it outside now. It is a sweet shooter and I am definitely glad I bought it.
It is a solid thunk with no twang. It is light weight, short, easy to cock, and very pleasant to shoot. It is probably the easiest, and most pleasant of all my rifles and well worth the price. One of my favorite targets is spent 22 rimfire brass in a mini-snping game. They don't stand a chance when I use a rest.

The scope I am using is not even AG rated, it is an old Weaver 3-9 with AO that will focus down to about 6 yds.

I have been thinking of an HW30 or R7, but in addition to the price, it puts me off hearing of barrel droop and the two piece cocking arm galling the compression tube. Shouldn't have to work on and modify a rifle of that cost, IMO. I don't know how common the BD problem is, but it shouldn't happen at all. I'm still on the fence about the purchase at this point. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to share my experiences.

I would definitely buy another one from Mike. It is a bargain for the price.

EDIT: The finish and bluing were very nice, IMO. It is not HW quality, but nice. The wood on mine is a satin smooth finish, and I see no problems with the metal finish.

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