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SHOT Show News - Day One.

January 17 2012 at 8:28 PM
Stephen Archer  (Login Steve888)

Here's a few - mainly Chinese related - observations from today's show.

Yes, the BAM B40 is indeed back, at least it's now called the Benjamin MAV77 Underlever Air Rifle. Crosman personnel retrieved what seemed to be the only sample at the show from the back room so that I could see it. This gun looked like a pre-production model as I didn't see a serial number or branding. It's going to be .177 caliber only. Crosman is claiming superior accuracy due to the fixed barrel. It also claims the B40 - er I mean MAV77 - to be "intensely powerful", although that's not quite how I would describe an air rifle producing about 15 ft/lbs of muzzle energy...

Another Crosman introduction that's undoubtedly sourced from BAM is the Crosman TR77. This is a break-barrel model with a straight-line military-style black synthetic stock with pistol grip. Looks interesting, but not a "wow" for me like the M-417 - or M4-177 as it's now called - pumper that's now also available in a desert tan color as well as the exising black.

Crosman also showed a range of "Powershot" lead-free pellets. There's "Fast Flight Penetrators for maximum penetration and superior velocity" in .177 caliber; "Red Flight Penetrators for superior penetration" in .22 cal and "Gold Flight Penetrators for increased stability for long range shooting", again in .177 caliber.

Xisico USA was showing a new XS26 model with automatic safety and Rekord-style trigger. They also showed a prototype single pump PCP of apparently British design, although it didn't look production-ready to me as a Chinese product. The XS60C is also said near to its second time around, with fixes for the safety etc. I may have more information tomorrow.

Show attendance appeared to be down on previous years - it wasn't a complete crush of people as previous first days have been. As attendance always tails-off later in the show, it may become quite quiet later. Hopefully this is not indicative of a lack of interest in the future of the shooting sports.

Stephen Archer
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