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April 14 2012 at 7:25 AM

BigEd618  (Login Biged618)

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I'm back home again, after 3 very frustrating months in Florida. I don't mind going to Florida, but it takes me away from my shop. I have a difficult enough time when everything is running. It doesn't take much of a setback to throw me off my game any more. This time, I planned ahead and had a CNC Mill shipped down there. It cost me $1300 to have the mill shipped, and after getting it moved in and hooked up, it would NOT run. Somehow it went into an E-stop condition and would not allow me to power up the machine. The computer would run, but it wouldn't allow the machine to turn on. I checked everything that my limited electrical knowledge allowed me to check. The rotary phase converter was working just fine, and the phases were balanced with less than 5 volts difference between all 3 phases. 3 electricians later and $700 for their services, it still isn't running.
This setback blew my mood for the entire 3 months and I didn't get anything accomplished. Nothing new there. I've had problems for the last 3 years.

I had one gun that was supposed to be finished before I left. It still isn't done. That's how bad things are. I managed to get the shroud built and powder coated but the riser and barrel band needs coating and a cocking pin made. 2 hours work that may still take 2 to 3 days to get done. I'm frustrated and I'm sure that Randy is frustrated as well. Along with everything else, I'm still having a severely difficult time with e-mail.

I haven't given up and now that I'm back with a working Mill, I can return to work on the breeches and gauge holders. Between now and the 26th, I will be prepping about 15 guns to take to the Little Rock show. If things go extremely right, I might even have a couple of prototype side-lever breeches there as well.

So, I'm back, but not up to speed yet. I need a couple of things to go right and build on that.

Thanks for asking about me. I figured that I'd blown my reputation so bad, that nobody cared any more.



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