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QB 79 valve O-Ring

April 19 2012 at 11:40 PM
Derek  (Login dhaf177)

Picked up one of my all times wants in Findlay on Saturday, thanks to Ted Summers... A .177 QB 79 with a 3.5oz tank. After finding a safety and getting the tank filled I was ready to see if she held air...she didn't. I had to replace o-rings with what BUNA o-rings I had and could get at the hardware store.(Also found out a crosman 2100 breach seal works for the QB's in a pinch)

My question is about using a BUNA #113 for the valve how long will the o-ring probably last? I plan to mainly use a 20oz. CO2 tank with a remote, which I think if I keep the tank vertical, it will keep liquid CO2 from getting inside the rifle, which in paintball is the major cause of o-ring failure....I guess I really tossing the idea out there to see if BUNA is probably ok if it is not going to be in contact with liquid CO2 much.

I plan to upgrade to the xp valve/bolt in the next few years, but don't want to be tearing the rifle apart alot until then or ordering excess amounts of valve o-rings.

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