ONCE the b-25 is lube tuned...

April 30 2012 at 10:04 AM
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Response to Scoping a B-25

basic, RWS34 breakdown and tuning proceedure, many good posts about it.....

most any AG rated scope will work.

Lots of them make the b-25 almost feel too heavy, but.....you cant have it all unless you wanna put a 200 dollar scope on a 150 dollar rifle. Not that thats a bad thing, the b-25 has the power and accuracy to support it....just, it is what it is... happy.gif

Mike had some VERY good scope combos with that, I think they are the rex scopes, the first wood stocked b-25 I had was a combo deal, and it had Mikes 3X9 AO....glass was OK, but the scope held up to probably 1000 or more shots of un-tuned recoil, and then went thru alot of tuned shots as well.
Took MANY large game type birds up to 50 yds with it.....

My current b-25 is an open sight gun.....but I would recommend any leapers/UTG true strength platform...a 6 power bug buster might be perfect for this gun....6x is all you need to 50 yds unless you are target shooting with it......and it can hang with the recoil. Mine is the 3x9, so while it offers a bit more detail in magnification, what suffers is me in the weight tradeoff.
the larger scope just adds too much weight and mass.

I would recommend a 4 or 6 fixed power with AO from leapers/UTG, with the true strength platform. If the b-25 does eat it, you can get it repaired replaced under warranty.
And, you will still only have around 60 bucks or so in a scope that is going on a low cost rifle.

Just a thought, I think this gun could be a great candidate for a Vortek kit....will probably try to install one when this spring wears out. Just to see what all the rage is about.

Here is what helped me iron mine out....cause it came and initial impressions were that it would just be an average gun at best.
Mike chopped and recrowned the bbl....so I knew there was a chance that it could be difficult.
I wanted an open sight gun.
But for range, the scope helped tremendously....to the tune of shrinking 3+ inch groups at 25 yds into around 1.5 or two inch groups. Then I took a mic, and figured that it liked the larger pellets, to the tune of 5.53 or larger. Standard .22s are 5.50 to 5.52.....so this excludes most pellets.
With 5.54 FTS....I average 1 inch(or less) groups at 5 shots with this gun, open sighted, 25 yds.....not too shabby for me. Sight picture starts to blurr for me at around 20 anyway. those pellets arent the cheapest you can shoot, but are actually on the low end for H&N brand. You might get lucky and get one that likes a little smaller head. One of the few guns that I have found that either REALLY likes a certain pellet, or really does not. No real in-between groups. Benefits from a light barrel polishing...with some type of paste or valve lapping compound. Also, breech seal has to be just right on this one.
With the right scope, should have no problem becoming your go to hunter for 50 yds or under.

God bless,


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