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Good info, Phil...

May 14 2012 at 12:12 PM
Dave Dunn  (Login daved20319)

Response to Hey, Dave. I have experimented with that specific seal shape.

Thanks. Interesting that the "plunger" worked as well as the cone, that would certainly be a lot easier to make. Since I have a decent lathe, I could just chuck up a ball end end mill and make the cut, much simpler than the setup to cut a cone happy.gif. Will definitely give that a try soon. BTW, I'd love to see any pics of your valve assembly you might have, as well as any detail pics you have of the rest of your build. Looks like the only thing QB on that is the upper. 48 fpe, huh? Bet it uses LOTS of air happy.gif! My goal is 900 fps with Kodiaks, call it 38 fpe. Less than 10 fpe to go wink.gif!

Speaking of the multi-angle valve grind used in car engines, I got to thinking about material again. Cars use steel on steel with a careful grind, and lapping for the best seal. We tend to use plastics in our air guns, it's comparatively soft and (hopefully) conforms to any defects in the seal interface. But I'm thinking that a harder material with a higher polish might actually flow better, so I ordered some Ultem, a much harder, stronger plastic than Delrin or nylon. I'd love to try a metal on metal valve, but I don't think my fabrication skills are up to that (YET!). I'll keep ya'll posted on the results. Later.


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