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May 20 2012 at 5:35 AM

James  (Login captiveherps)

Response to Looks great with the black stock

The stock was broken in two places when I got it. It would not cock. The inletting was too small. Looks like the action may have been forced into the stock. I had to press it out of there. Sanded the inside to make the action fit.
Since I was going to spray it with beadliner, I glued up the stock and gave it a rough sanding but did not put too much effort into making it pretty. The stock was very wavy. Used a block to level it out a bit.

Lubed it up, but left the internals alone. The trigger is very stiff, and creepy. It has enough travel to feel like a 2 stage at this point. Its very hard, then when it gets halfway, it gets much lighter. I expect it will get better with use.
It shoots ok, though I have not sighted it in yet. A ear plug on the right ear would be a good idea as you are right up against the piston/breach area.

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