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Help with accuracy problem on Air Hawk

June 3 2012 at 7:19 PM

Chase Jones  (Login limbshaker)

Hey new guy here.. So I bought an Air Hawk for cheap, ordered a .22 cal barrel for it, put in a 2g Vortek kit, a Leapers scope. I shot it for about 100 shots with the stock .177 barrel, and couldn't get it to group. Installed the tune and the new barrel, and still no grouping.
Here's what I've done:
1) cleaned barrel, recrowned it and checked for burrs, pushed a pellet through smoothly.
2) fixed the yoke on the receiver where it bolts to the stock
3) checked for a leaking breech seal
4) tried every hold and benchrest combination imaginable with only negligible improvements
5) insured that the scope isn't creeping and even swapped another scope on

Here's the kicker: I have only shot Crosman premier hollow points, as that is all thats available locally. Can a pellet really cause inconsistencies this bad??? Now this thing will throw a 7" group at 15yds no matter how i hold or rest it. The pellets come through the push test with rifling on the skirts, and just a touch on the head. With no tight spots or snags. Is there anything I'm missing other than trying more pellets? I've shot 500 rounds through it with no change. It quit dieseling after about 50 shots. Thanks for any advice!

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