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I was reading one of the threads from the Yellow Forum

June 14 2012 at 3:07 PM
Bill B.  (Login billyquest)

,and someone was asking about getting set up with a PCP rifle that shoots single holes,or at least clover leafs at 50yds. Immediately I thought of Rich in Mich with his dream machine QB79's converted to a HPA bottle gun. But he's not doing that any more,so my question is who filled his slot?? Is there anyone out there doing what he did at his level of competency,and knowledge? I know no one has his level of experience,because I could listen for hours to him tell of his excursions into the country side around his house lowering the pest bird population for grateful dairy,and grain farmers.The cloud of startled birds casting giant shadows on the ground around him,as he and his partner for the day make their way to a better shooting spot.Definetly the end of an era.Any info,or indorsements of an other builder would be greatly appreciated.Later guys.

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