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Robert, I just saw this post

June 27 2012 at 1:44 PM

Darryl  (Login turbodt)

Response to Pellets

great stuff! I had to put my 50 down for a while to let my brain reboot from all the various combinations of hammer springs, spring guides, transfer ports, etc. I'll get back to it soon enough, but I'm glad I stuck my head in here. I'll keep this thread in mind, especially about the trigger. I'd known before that sear drag can throw things off, but sometimes one forgets when the forest gets too thick. If I were shooting for competition I'd sure set a smaller sweet zone as you suggest. 30 shots as a goal does not take into account a consistent POI, which grows larger with more shots unless it's a very flat shot string with a low overall Es and Sd. Now if I can get 30 shots with an Es of 20 FPS across those 30 shots I'd be good with that. Better for me, I think to reset my goal by asking how many shots I can get within an Es of 20 FPS.
btw, 3% of max ix quite a decrease from 4% which is what I tend to use, but what the heck. I like your number better, though it seems on the surface a bit harder for me to imagine achieving. but it would make for a flatter shot string. I've been thinking to be a bit more flexible on the 28/30 number. The shot count is still a goal, but I'll be curious to see what FPE I wind up with at that count.

Also I have Big Ed's valve stem installed. It's supposed to be made of sterner stuff.

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