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Dave very good input. I never shot,and chronied the Disco.

July 11 2012 at 5:13 PM
Bill B.  (Login billyquest)

in.177.When I got the gun in a trade it had the.22 barrel on,and when I shot it,it would only take about 10 shots to empty the tube of air.That's how hard the spring was stepped on.Since than I took it apart to relieve the pre-load on it.The tension was so strong that when I unscrewded the end cap things shot all over,so I never knew what he had inside to make the spring adjustable.There was a screw in the degasser threaded hole when I got it.The spring was so tight that it felt like the bolt handle would bend,or break off.Than when I shot it,and only got that short shot count with decreasing vel.each shot I was really disappointed.Than I started reading up on what you guys have been doing,and how so I took a chance,and disassembled it.I decided that I would put the .177 barrel on,because I had the QB79 in HPA.22.Than I started to find out all the little things that were wrong with the rifle that made it a wreck.I changed barrels,fixed transfer port,removed preload for spring,chaged bolt,changed trigger,polished trigger assem.,changed fill cover to quick couple type,took off open sights,put TKO LDC on,reassembled,and aired it up to 2000psi.When I dry fired it the gage didn't drop like it did before,plus it wasn't so hard to cock like earlier,either.That's why I want to chrony it to see what fps I get.The reason I would change threads on the gage is,because NPT threads are tapered,and are designed to be used once,or may twice.So if I'm going to have to do maintainance on gun,and remove the gage more than a couple times I don't want it to leak,so I'm going to have to change threaded hook up.My plumbing 101 class on pipe threads.Plus block is factory reg.for Disco.hole diam.regulates air flow for fps.Watch lyods air he explains it.

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