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QB 79 problem..bolt wont go all the way back..??

July 29 2012 at 1:32 AM
Tim (formerly) in Iowa  (Login TimandDenise)

I have been shooting this thing a lot the last month or so. It is one of Mikes rifles, it has always done well enough....Never have had a real opportunity to really wring it out but it does ok with a variety of pellets so I just never found the 'best' diet for her yet..

So, I'm playin my usual game, shootin meat bees off bait at 60 feet when I start missing way more than usual...I had a piece of white cardboard leaning against the tree and use that as a zero check on occasion...I shot a group with 2 differnt types of pellets and my cloverleaf shooter wouldnt hold em under an inch.....

I figured to just goof off a bit more and waste some gas and lead and then went to load and the bolt wont go back all the goes back just far enough to get a pellet in and has maybe 3/8 inch more to cocks and fires ok, just wont go back--

Any ideas?...I will open her up sometime next week when I have some time...any clue on what to look for?

Thanks for lookin--appreciate any help....


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