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Getting lower velocity and air in the face with Bam 51

August 9 2012 at 9:07 AM
unrepentantsinner  (Login unrepentantsinner)

I have been getting a blast of air in the face when shooting my Bam 51 for a while now.

Placing my fingers at different locations while shooting seems to indicate it was coming from between the upper and lower and the bolt cocking slot.

Two days ago, not needing the riser because I no longer have a shroud, I removed the riser and shortened the viynl tube between the upper and lower and was able to stop all or most of the blast that came from between the upper and lower by tightening it better. I put divers grease on the probe O ring and don't seem to get it from that part.

However I am now seeing it come from the elongated hole where the lower tube. the cocking bolt enters.

I lost 20 FPS, 920 to 900, when I removed the riser for some reason, I am thinking I have an Oring that is blown from some where inside that lower tube and removing the riser and tighening the upper and lower is just redirecting it out the bolt cocking slot.

Any ideas?

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