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Trade: Do you trade for a used Marauder or a used B51? More details inside post. Thank you

December 28 2016 at 2:20 PM
john  (Login JCarl)

I have not posted over here for a while, however, I am back as they say. My reason for posting is simple: I am looking to trade a rifle I have and so I posted the necessary ad on the forum. What I am looking for is a PCP in .177 – preferably a multishot.

While the ad has only been out there for a day I have already received several offers. I was curious in comparing two of them with you all and getting your thoughts.
To be fair I will leave names and specifics out of it and only post what I know about the rifles etc. I am looking for any comments as to why I should choose, if I choose to, trade for one of them over the other.

Rifle #1:
- A first generation Marauder in .177. On its third owner who acquired it from someone as the action and barrel assembly then he found a stock for sale and wha-la the .177 was back together. The pros: multishot and it has a regulator (the trader does not know which kind) and claimed accuracy out to 50+ yards etc. The not so good: Has tool marks on the air tube inlet presumably from the reg install. Has some tool marks on the barrel end near the thread on cap for the muzzle. Has more issues with the stock. It is peeling its clear coat and has various pressure marks etc. Comes with one magazine. I am asking if the scope and mounts come with it – awaiting an answer.

Rifle #2:

- The reason I am here on this forum. It is a BAM51 in .177. It has been completely resealed with good ole’ American seals. Holds air fine (both rifles do) and comes with a nice scope and nice rings. It is, of course, a single shot. The seller said that it has also had the barrel lapped and crowned only – he stated that it was a “shooter right out of the box”. Additionally he has replaced the hammer spring and trimmed it to meet his liking. It is set to run off of a 1500 fill for easy pumping (I am fortunate to have a 6K PSI Nitrogen setup so no issues there) and it has a muzzle break – although it is hollow with no internals. He stated that as a 12 fpe rifle it is not that loud anyway. The stock is the thumbhole blonde wood. With only a pressure mark on it.
I own a B40 and have owned several QB 78 and 78 Deluxe’s in the past. I love my B40 and have tuned it with all new seals and the Vortek high power kit. Shot cycle is just great. I have never owned a Chinese PCP.

So what do you say? Thoughts, opinions, comments welcome. I appreciate any feedback you can provide.



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