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Thank You! I do believe I will be trying them. I have some old QB22's

January 10 2017 at 9:21 PM

db  (Login Diamondback)

Response to Yes, It Should Work In Your Guns.

in 22 & a QB77 in 177 that came with standard barrels.

I always meant to send them in for the old Venom barrel upgrade, but never got around to it.

Now, I have the old Venom barrels, but the bolts or the orings push the Venom barrels out the front of the breech when I try to close the bolt.

I'm not sure if it's the bolt oring, or the tip of the bolt that's the culprit, so I plan to remove the orings & try closing the bolts. If that works, then it looks like I just need thinner orings.

If the probe still pushes the barrels out the front of the breech without bolt orings, then I'm thinking it's the tip of the probe. I wouldn't want to alter mine, but figured your "XP" would be a good upgrade.

I might need to try to find thinner orings for the "XP" bolts to work with these barrels.

Thank You for your kind offer!

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