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Re: Steve, will you be offering the QB Beemans? NFT

February 8 2017 at 11:41 AM
Steve888  (Login Steve888)

Response to Steve, will you be offering the QB Beemans? NFT

Sorry, not sure that I completely understand the question.

All the QB78/79 AR2078/9 etc models being shipped into the USA are slowly being branded Beeman on stock turnover - as they are shipped out from the factory and US distributor. This process started a year or so ago. Frankly, I think the factory is using-up all it's old Industry Brand boxes and breeches, rather than making a clean break with the names.

For example, some Beeman-branded guns in Beeman boxes still have Industry Brand operators manuals, so there is not a completely clean break in branding.

There's no difference except for the name, of course.

In this respect, Archer Airguns is just the same as any other dealer selling these guns. Most are now branded Beeman, but there are still some Industry Brand products being shipped to us.

Currently, the models we have in stock Beeman-branded are the QB78 Deluxe, QB78S, AR2078 and most QB79s. The QB78 standard models are still coming through to us in Industry Brand names and packaging.

So yes, Archer Airguns most definitely is - and has been - offering the Beeman-branded QBs as they become available.

I hope this is the sort of answer you wanted!

Stephen Archer
Archer Airguns Inc.

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