Been playing with mine (.22) today.

February 9 2017 at 2:24 AM
Victor3  (Login Victor3)

Response to some tuning on the plinkster( build thread ill keep goin )

Not doing much in an effort to increase velocity; just making sure the stock internals are cleaned up and polished where need be.

As you mention you did on yours, I polished the lead in on the chamber. Also lapped the port and throat to remove any burrs. Lightly polished the bolt. Smooth as glass now.

3 set screws holding the barrel to the receiver were really tight (center one had loctite on it) and they kicked up burrs on the OD of the barrel. The burrs scratched the anodizing on the ID of the receiver a bit as I removed the barrel. No biggie; I polished the mating surfaces.

Striker - I polished the two areas on the OD where it bears on the ID of the tube, as well as the angle where it meets the sear upon cocking. ID where the spring rides was a little rough and had some heat treat scale in it. Polished that up and radiused the "mouth" where the spring enters.

Tube - After cleaning (excessive) grease out I noticed what looked like minor corrosion, and little bumps on the ID in the area where the trigger housing is welded on. A little polishing with a flex-hone cleaned it up easily though. Slot where the bolt's cocking screw rides was a little rough, so I polished it up.

Trigger assembly - All parts looked good (after I cleaned off all the grease). I stoned the sear lightly where it contacts the striker. Minor trigger blade side play was easily corrected by squeezing its housing with pliers.

Valve - Looks beautiful as is (modding optional).

Transfer port - Bullet proof.

Co2 retaining cap - Perfect.

Magazine/single-shot tray - No issues.

Stock - Fabulous. Great fit & finish (comb is a bit high for stock sights if you have a fat head like mine. but great for a scope).

Be advised that the above-mentioned minor negative details are the nitpiking of an aerospace Quality Assurance dude. This is a fantastic little rifle with tons of potential.

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