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Some "could b's" to investigate.

February 12 2017 at 9:58 AM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to been shooting single tray myself

Are some "could be" reasons for the mag. inaccuracy.

Will start by loading a mag, chambering one pellet, removing the mag, pushing the pellet back out (taking care not to snag the barrel o-ring)...figure a sample of 8 would be enough. Then do it again with the single shot tray looking for any stray marks/dents/slices that are on the mag. loaded pellets.

I do notice that the magnetic coupling on these allows a bit of "wiggle" as the pellet is chambered....that could be a good thing if it self alignes or a bad thing if it un-aligns. To find out, will let it seak it's own magnetic center, then fixate it. If it shoots better or if it shoots worse would be GOOD results (as they'd point to the problem)...if it stays the same I move on. (Rather than complicated...figure good old fashioned rubber cement will work for the experiment...firm enough to hold in place, but can be defeated by strong/continual hand pressure and cleaned up with solvent).

Could be the clock-work spring that powers the magazine abuses/dents the skirts. If that were the case, would expect that when loaded with 9 shots and full spring tension, it would shoot worse than when it's at low spring tension (like loaded with 5).

Get to that during the week....should have some clues befor next weekend.

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