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If they can get this right from the get-go...

February 14 2017 at 1:53 PM
Ron Robinson  (Login compressive)

Response to The New Beeman Chief PCP Air Rifle

If the Chinese can get this right from the get-go, which would probably require your proactive help Steve, they can blow the Maximus right out of the water.

This rifle, a 160/167 PCP, is what I was suggesting Crosman do for decades. The 160/QB is such a good platform: better than the Discovery/Maximus in some very important regards.

The 160/QB platform has (and always had) a superior trigger, stronger breech and stiffer barrel than the Disco/Maximus. Not to mention the fact Crosman produced tens of thousands of 160/167's for sixteen years before PCP's became marketing reality. Why they decided to re-invent the (inferior) wheel while ignoring the marketing potentials of reviving the widely-acclaimed and beloved Crosman 160 when entering the PCP market must have been a corporate decision rooted in either obstinance, tunnel-vision or worse.

As you may already know, Steve, the low cheek-piece, shorter breech and length-of-pull on this prototype Chief are (curiously) counter-productive, and should be corrected on production guns. And the power-adjusting screw is a no-brianer that must be carried through on production guns.

Here's hoping this LONG OVERDUE model gets the logical tweeks it needs to fully capitalize on Crosman's short-sightedness. If done well, it has HUGE potentials.

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