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April 1 2017 at 2:30 AM
Frank  (Login NewportAL)

Response to Dealers

Sorry to hear about your problem but as I understand it the dealer can't get parts for the sentry because it was a prototype and Xisico want even send them a diagram of the air rifle. Can you explain what's the problem with the magazines. Maybe we can help some.
Have you tried to make a single shot tray for the air rifle? It's simple to do and it would help with loading.
Here are a few things I did to get my magazines to work for me.
1. Remove the cover plate it simply pulls off or you may have to pry it up a little and see if the spring is still aligned or in it holes. If one end of the spring have come loose it well not work.
2. I found out that one magazine cover plate was on to tight and just by loosening the cover plate it started to work fine.
3. If your magazine just what let you load up your favorite pellets easy try sanding each pellet hole in the magazine. The magazine holes are a little under size and I had sand it a LITTLE.
Let us know what the problem and maybe we can help

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