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Hope it all comes together...

April 9 2017 at 2:19 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Mrodair M10 Technical Reference

..would be nice to have a "book" on the M-10 (like the old BAM 50/51).

Are several simple things I like about the really does have some features that really are friendly for modding/experimentation.

It's kind of simple-old school tech. Nothing is really delicate, and the vast majority of parts/screws don't perform more than one function. Makes working on it a bit easier.

Old school also as it's kind of mega-powered in .22.

That long bolt throw gives a long loading area. I'm never cramped for pellet length; there's about .66" of open loading port. Would make for an easy loading slug-gun. ( thinking about cast bullets. No reason I couldn't use a CF barrel (.224) if the cast bullets matched, which would let me go to a 1:12 or 1:10 twist and fling cast 50 or 54gr. slugs).

Like the full size bolt and bolt handle, much more of a firearms feel to operating. Haven't a clue what the bolt is made from. It's too dense (weight for volume) for Al., it's not plated brass, has the polish color and "grain" of steel, but is non magnetic.

The odd separate barrel transfer port actually makes it easier to try different transfer port diameters.

It's one of the easier rifles to rebarrel.

They got the stock to fit a full sized person...either they learned, or the Chinese population is getting larger.


Safety on the trigger is a stupid idea (what's the one part of a rifle you don't want to touch when you don't want to shoot?). AA used a system like that on their AA s510 it's stupid in English and Chinese.

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