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Appologies, tore a hamstring and been laid up a few days,

April 21 2017 at 1:15 PM  (Login Mrodair)

Response to No updates

I guess old age is creeping up on me.

Maybe just high mileage, but it sure will get your attention.

When I miss a day or two at the shop, its pretty crazy for a bit.

Shoot me an email and I can round you up some specs, more info and the future of the M-10.

These are a progression of a very strong platform and soon we can release more info on that as well.

Learned not to get too far ahead of the products, but in about 90 days the next evolution will be here and we can all benefit from a good knowledge base on the M-10 for reference that will help on the new version as well.

It is my hope, this can be the start of something much more.

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