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Makes sense. Probably wasting co2, but it's cheap and I'd adjusted the thing to be quiet

April 27 2017 at 11:36 AM

John in FL.  (Login gratewhitehuntr)

Response to Here's a place to look

with my ldc and hit with lowe-ish power.
My method of adjustment included (stop laughing already!) shooting on a bright day, and adjusting power up until I couldn't see the pellets anymore.
In my experience this is around 700fps, and it just happened to be quiet and get a bunch of shots, more than I could count without loosing focus.

With a 20LB bottle, and a Ninja as a pony, you could shoot all week.
After that I never gave a second thought to power level, what's a few cents worth of gas?
OK now you can laugh....

Thanks for the graph, it validated my hope to try substituting washers (or some other bit) for O-rings.
3 O-rings sounds prone to deterioration eventually.

I'll look for stem issues.

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