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Thanks Cobalt

April 29 2017 at 6:49 PM

Kid Shelleen  (Login Kid.Shelleen)

Response to not so much...

Thanks for the information Cobalt. Your article "Inside the MRod CP1" was great and the photography was excellent. My CP1 arrived with a heavy trigger pull over 3 lbs and very long travel. As I mentioned, the grub screw on my CP1 was locked up solid. I'll try heating it up with a soldering iron and have another go at it when I have more time. Since I couldn't turn the grub screw, I put a small "roller Bearing" through the pin that the trigger sits on, which is similar to screwing the grub screw down further on that pin (Like they used to do with the awful triggers on the Benjamin Trail break barrel rifles. It significantly reduce the long travel of the trigger. It also moved the trigger back a little so there was more room in the trigger guard for my finger, just like you mentioned in your article.

I can't find a spring the correct size in my junk boxes so I'll try to find one at the hardware store tomorrow. If I can't find one that will work, I may try cutting a coil or two off the factory spring. If I can get my trigger down to around 1 to 1.5 lbs I'll be a happy camper.

Thanks again Cobalt for the information. I liked your article so much I saved it for future reference and sent a copy to my son who may be getting a CP1.

Cheers, Shelleen

photo CP1 Sear Spacer_zpstcl4izur.jpg

photo CP1 Trigger Guard_zpstktm4yaf.jpg

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