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B3-1 and B4-1 pellets...

January 31 2002 at 10:20 PM
DaveB  (Login whippyskip)

My B3 and B4 (both are Industry Brand rifles) are somewhat finicky on which pellets I stuff in them. Crosman pellets are too loose and sometimes fall out of the barrel. I get wildly variable muzzle velocities and the groups are terrible. I have tried Premiers (h&l), Copperheads and Sheridan Diablos with the same results. The Crosman pellets in my cache have skirt diameters of around .181" or less - apparently too small for my B3 and B4.
RWS Super Points, RWS Super Domes, Chinese heavy wadcutters (green label), Daisy MatchSpeed and RUKO Match (where in the world did I get them?) all have skirt diameters greater than .184", and perform much better in these two guns. With the larger diameter skirts, I get reasonably consistant velocities for these guns and the groups shrink down to downright dinky. The RUKO Match pellets (.187") work the best in both guns, but I only have about 30 left in a tin I have had for at least 20 years (wanna send me some?). I had big fun shooting and measuring over 20 types of .177 caliber pellets.

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Ed S
(Login cthulu)

give some Wasps a try

January 31 2002, 11:36 PM 

You should try some eley Wasps, great pellets for oversized bores, they work great in my chinese and brit guns because of the oversized bores, and becasue they are just great pellets!

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(Login t.g.)

yeah, what EdS said!!!!

February 1 2002, 6:34 AM 


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(Login kitcole)

If you don't mind, what are your chrony speeds for the XS B4?

February 1 2002, 7:27 PM 

I have one and would like to get a feel for the MV if you would be willing to share. Also, is yours stock or have you tuned yours? Any information on your tune up would be of great help. Do you have other air rifles and how does this one stack up in terms of MV and accuracy?


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(Login whippyskip)

Kit, It's not a XS-B4

February 1 2002, 8:19 PM 

It's an Industry Brand B4-1 in .177 that I bought from South Summit for $39. I recently measured the velocity of 5 shots with my Pro-Chrono after a morning of plinking to break it in a little.
The five shots averaged 704 fps with Daisy Maxspeed wadcutters. It's still dieseling a bit and I expect it to settle down to around 650 fps or so - we'll see.
Accuracy wise, it's great with pellets like Maxspeeds or RWS Super Domes. I get dime size groups from 30 feet.
I have a bunch of air rifles including CO2, springers and pneumatics. The B4 isn't as accurate as my QB78s (what is?) or my Sheridan, but is similar to my XS-B3.

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(Login HankC)

My TF(QB)-41 shoots Daisy MaxSpeed flathead at 580fps (NT)

February 1 2002, 11:24 PM 


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