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August 25 2002 at 4:22 AM
Dave  (Login sunnylunan)

I have just been reading your Web for, in particular the Tuning tips on the XS-B3-1. One is by Jeff Guinan, on March 22, 2000 . This gives details on shortening the barrel. Is it possible for to give me his emale or physical address as I would like to contact him for more information on tuning ? Also, has anyone any idea which silencer would fit this weapon? (Its .177) and where I could purchase it.
Dave (Angus, Scotland)

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Theodore L. Summers
(Login silentwind)


August 25 2002, 12:57 PM 

My understandering is silencer's do not help on a spring gun since the noise comes from the spring movement and not the air out the barrel. Silencer's are not leagel in the U.S. without a high tax and permit so I cannot help with where to obtain them.

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FrankU in GA
(Login Franku)

Dave can you cut and paste those mod instruction?? ....

August 25 2002, 2:26 PM 

I tried to get back to March 22,2000 and there was no way. The forum did not have the option(numbers at bottom of page) to go back that long ago.

If you could, would you please append to this message the text from the earlier post. I have been mod'ing a B3-1 (not the AK-47 style one but the underlever one) and would be interested in any more mod details I can get.



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(Login sunnylunan)

Cut + paste of all articles for you

August 26 2002, 4:13 PM 

I took all the interesting articles from the site for you. Hope they help.

Alternative piston seals and springs

I have had good
luck using Beeman R-6 piston seals in these guns, mainsprings
work as well, thought you would like to know. Thanks Scot


If your XS-B3-1 shoots too high, first try adjusting the front site. Turn it counter clockwise to lower the point of impact. If this does not do the job, push the sliding lever as far forward as you can get it. It should go almost all the way to the front, and the site will raise up at an angle. The slider can be obstinate, you can lube it if you have to. Then take a rag to protect you hand, and bend the rear of the sight down about 1/16 of an inch, it shouldn't take much. the site will now have a slight upwards bow in it. Push the slider all the way back to the rear of the gun until it sits solidly at the lowest place, a slight indention. This has the effect of lowering the rear sight blade enough so you ca then adjust for the proper elevation with the front site. Remember, lowering the rear sight makes the gun shoot lower, but raising the front site makes the gun shoot lower. Windage is adjusted by tapping the front site to the left to make the gun shoot more to the right, or tapping the front sigh to the right to make it shoot more to the left. The sights are a pain to adjust, but if you always shoot the same pellets they can be quite effective once adjusted properly.

The XS-B3-1 is unlike any other airgun I have ever seen. They don't make them like this in America, or in Europe. This air rifle is an authentic AK47 folding stock trainer used by the Peoples Republic of China.

It is not an exact replica, but is very close in looks and feel to the real thing. It is built with the same engineering overkill that has given the AK series of firearms its reputation as one of the most reliable in the world. With occasional seals and spring replacements, this air rifle should last damn near forever.

(Someone asked me if I mentioned this because the seal and spring on this gun was more likely to wear out than on other spring guns. The answer is no, springs and seals are considered expendable parts on ALL spring air guns regardless of price, and regardless if they are leather or polymer, and will have to be replaced some day, if you shoot them enough, no matter how tough the rest of the gun is.) Unless you shoot everyday, you probably won't have to worry about this. Seals and springs are available, and these parts from other brand guns will work as well. I will publish cross references as I obtain them..

The sites are easily adjustable for elevation, but windage requires drifting the front site. Unlike the real AK, this model has a stamped 3/8" scope rail mounted behind the rear open site. This is a welcome addition to any air rifle. No scope stop is provided. Recoil is high, so you must pay close attention to scope mounting. I have not mounted a scope on this airgun yet, but will report the results of when I do.

Firing this air rifle feels more like firing a real gun than any other air rifle I have shot except the tuned B21 B22 which also feels like shooting a .22 Rimfire. It has a sharp short spring recoil. The trigger pull is long, but not too hard, it feels a lot like the trigger on a real AK47. So what you say? Bet it can't hit the broad side of a barn. Wrong. It is also an accurate air rifle. Even with the open sights, and minimal break in, I am shooting about one inch groups at 30 yd. with the Chinese match 7.6 gr. flat head pellets. ( I get 3/4 inch with a red dot sight)

The guns are over lubed at the factory, perhaps intentionally to prevent rust on the long boat ride to the USA, so it will take quite a few shots to calm down. Initially, you will get lots of smoke, noise, and a burning smell from the oil. Don't worry, be happy. Most guns should begin smoking less within 100 rounds, 200 on the outside, though some may take even longer, and the very best accuracy may not come for many more rounds, some report improvements up to 1,000 rounds! I have measured initial velocity on an out of the box .177 at over 900 fps, with very heavy smoking and a loud report. There was a general downward trend from there, interspersed with very high, and very low chrono readings. The gun them went through a period of mostly very low readings interspersed with some high ones before starting to settle in.

The gun began to smoke less and settle down at about 75 rounds fired. Average velocity was about 640 fps, + or - 7 fps.

So please shoot at least 200 pellets through your new XS-B3-1 before chronographing it, or doing any serious accuracy testing, or your results may not be anything at all like what it will do after it is broken in.

I also tested XS-B3-1's with other pellets, both during and after break in.
The guns are very pellet sensitive, both velocity and accuracy wise, so experimentation with different pellets would also be a good idea, if you are looking for the very best velocity stability and accuracy. Flat or domed nose smooth pellets will usually give the best accuracy.

Avoid pointed noses, multiple skirts, and ribbed pellets. An exception to the ribbed pellets are Daisy Maxspeeds (made by Gamo) pellets which can give very good results in some guns. Avoid pellets that exhibit visual flaws, very lightweight pellets, or ones that do not fit tight in the chamber. These can cause low and/or erratic velocity, poor accuracy, and are hard on any spring gun.


I took one apart, cleaned and lubed everything with the right stuff and polished the trigger. I did not change any parts. The gun was quite a bit smoother to cock and shoot. velocity and accuracy were unchanged.


Shortening the barrel on a XS-B3-1 .22

Posted by Jeff Guinan on March 22, 2000

Took a hack saw to the barrel of my new XS-B3 .22 to make this side lever springer small enough to hide in a backpack. It has a very cool folding stock. Heard that velocity would increase. Here's the results and what to do if you want to duplicate them.

1) Put barrel in a vise. Don't bother with cushioning to protect finish.
2) Using a clearing rod with a mark at 7.75 inches, shove a pellet down the bore. Stop when you get to the mark. The pellet will be at 7 inches.
2) Using a hack saw with a "high-speed" blade (says so on package) cut off 7.75 inches, drizzling oil now and then on the slice. Don't worry about making it too straight at this point.
3)When barrel is cut, file it perfectly flat. Your eye will tell you when it's flat. I used a fine file that left a shiny surface. I tried crowning it with the screw head in a drill with rubbing compound paste but got nothing but ridges, so I filed it flat again. Don't bother crowning, just protect muzzle.

Before: 14.3 Premiers averaged 425 fps and 1-inch at 30 feet. Hobbies got 487 average (slightly better groups).
After (with a 7-inch stub) 14.3 Premiers average 457 with one inch groups. Hobbies got 509 average.
BUT, with RWS Meisterkugelns at 13.1 grains, I averaged 495.9 (3 shots, SD of 1.4)and got a 3-shot group of 0.45 inch (red-dot sight). I now have an accurate, quiet 7.1 foot pound springer that is only 18 inches long, 27 with the stock opened. Built like a tank, too.


Put a Williams peep sight or bright colored front site on the XS-B3-1

Items bought from CheaperThanDirt" ( www.cheaperthandirt.com ).

Rear sight SKS-364 $19.97
Front sight post SKS-350 $3.97
Shipping $7.97
The peep sight replaces the rear sight. As I said a new channel needs to be filed in the sight to catch the existing cross pin; I used a chainsaw sharping file to do this.
Also; I plan to make a stock extension of wood and attach it with two round head screws. If the extension is of 3/4" material the folded stock should lay flat against the receiver.
Now if we could find an inexpensive night sight.......
Take care; George


Front, rear sight replacement. Add and AK47 style butt pad from Barry

Tune #1: While styled after the AK-47, the rear sight is more like that of an SKS (leaf held in place by a pin in the rear sight housing) than that of an AK-47 (leaf held in place by pins in the leaf itself). I replaced the sights with a Williams Fire Sight front (SKS and AK-47 models are identical) and a Williams leaf sight for an SKS.

The former is a fiber-optic sight that glows from ambient light, and is amazingly visible even in low light conditions.

The latter required replacing the stock pins with Williams pins (sight comes with one, but Williams sent me a second one upon request), replacing the Williams elevation screw with a longer one (which Williams also sent me upon request), and filing down the back of the sight base so the leaf goes down far enough (a problem even with the stock leaf). the work was more tedious than difficult, and the result is fine highly-visible sights that can be adjusted to the short ranges appropriate for airguns
Tune #2. The length of pull on the gun (distance from trigger to rear of butt plate) is very short on this gun. Good for juniors, very uncomfortable for long-limbed adults. I installed a 1" butt extension for an AK-47 by drilling a couple of holes in the stock and installing with nuts and Allen bolts. These butt extensions are an easily-obtained accessory for AK-47's and SKS's - be sure to use the one for AK-47's. The result is a comfortable length of pull achieved in a manner that looks like it belongs on the gun.

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FrankU in GA
(Login Franku)

Thanks Dave, now....

August 26 2002, 10:37 PM 

I'll have to get the XS-B3-1 (AK-47 style) too so I can mod it!!

Read my post above for some more info, and I'll post more as I obtain it. I hope you're enjoying your as much as I am mine!


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