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Got my 22 cal. B12

March 4 2011 at 3:37 PM
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I bought a 177cal. B12 from Mike(BEST AIRGUNS)about a year ago and it was a nice accurate little shooter.Being that I'm more of a 22cal. guy I really wanted one whenever Mike got them in.I know he's had them for awhile now but I had to find the spare money for a new toy.Finally last week I had a little left over after paying the monthly bills and I put in my order.I didn't have Mike go through it because I am a tuner and I wanted to play with myself.As soon as it got to my house I opened it up and drained the oil out of it,did a little work on the trigger,lubed it properly and put it back together.Mike had called me when I ordered it and went over all the trigger options that he knows work but for now its my $70.00 joy.Its firing the 13.4gr Air Arms Falcons at 495 fps and is so easy to cock and the firing cycle is short and sweet.
The wind finally stopped blowing yesterday when I got off work and I got a chance to shoot it at a distance. With the open sites at twenty five yards its holding half inch groups. I put a plastic 12 oz soda bottle out there and knocked the stuffing out of that bottle.Every time I'd hit it,it would fly a little farther out and I'd just whack it again.
I have alot of high dollar springers that have match grade triggers,extreme accuracy and more power than needed.Theres still something extremely satisfying about a raw,inexspensive rifle thats fun to shoot and accurate.Nothing like shooting pine cones and soda cans to put a big old smile on your face.
Mike I want to Thank You! for your services and for always being there with a answer.I wish you the best. John

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John, dont brag unless you post pics Really!

March 4 2011, 4:54 PM 


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John, can you describe...

March 5 2011, 2:28 PM 

What you did to the trigger? Mine's a little
rough. Thanks,
Jan Chunn

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