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B-25 experiences?

March 25 2012 at 1:20 PM
Bill Powell  (Login BillinOregon)

Who has one of the B-25 synthetics, and how do you like it? I have long wanted an RWS 34 in .22, and MM has a great price on the Chinese version. Just want to hear some updated feedback from the guys that are shooting them.

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(Login VAFarmer)

Mine have been very good. Search B-25 here, you will see

March 26 2012, 10:36 AM 

positive posts.....

This rifle gets very little attention, I think, because it is strictly a working rifle, especially in synthetic.

From all I can tell, it is a carbon copy of the 34p with a few exceptions...

B-25 is only .22, if you want .177, get a Ruger blackhawk.
Cocking lever on b-25 is 2 piece, RWS34p is one piece.
Trigger blade on B-25 is metal, 34p is polymer. T05 versions only.

This rifle is a good weight, and has decent fit and finish. I prefer the synthetic over the wood, the wood stock is to high "vertically" if you ask me. Compare the detail from the wood version pic, to the synthetic.

In fact, unless you look closely at a 12 land, T05 RWS34 Panther, it is hard to differetiate between that and the b-25.

They are very accurate. Accuracy does have to be worked for, in that you need a good variety of pellets to try, as it can be picky. My first one shot 3-4 pellets well. This second one shoots 2-3 pellets well.
They need a 2nd trigger screw modification, to reach thier full accuracy potential. this can be challenging to adjust, but reaps good rewards, as pull weight and length are not dependant on one another with the 2 screw adjustment.
Good gun to modify, as it is an inexpensive platform.
Mine is right at 40 inches. Mike cut and recrowned the bbl. this has done wonders for balance, as the RWS 34 and all of its clones are too darn long, IMO.

Where the rubber hits the road though, is accuracy.

My synthetic B-25 is every bit as accurate as the 34 Panther I owned. Both like Barracud Match in 5.53 head.
If you dont lube tune yourself, then it would behoove you to have Mike do it. It is inexpensive, and well worth the cost. The B-25 can have a rough shot cycle without a lube tune.
If you do your own lube tunes, then it is the same as doing a 34. McCarri components can be used with good results. I believe the 34 Vortek kit will work, you can contact them and ask.
Expect 15-16 ftlbs, but the gun really shoots better when it is doing 14ftlbs, with heavier pellets. Shoots average with open sights...very good scoped.

If you are looking for a powerful shooter, no better value per cost out there. Mike tunes em for way under the cost of a new, untuned 34.
With a scope, expect to retain enough energy for squirrels, rabbit, turkey, etc....out to 45 yds and with practice the accuracy to boot.
At 35 yds or so, still plenty of energy for groundhogs, fox, etc....headshots of course.

They are overall a fine value.

God bless,


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Bill Powell
(Login BillinOregon)

Farmer, thank you so much

March 26 2012, 10:47 AM 

I could not have asked for a more detailed and thoughtful response regarding the B-25. I had done a serach and it seemd most of the posts were three years old.
Sure do appreciate it.

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Mike melick
(Login mikeiniowa)

XS-25 comes with free lube tune.........

March 26 2012, 1:07 PM 

for complete tune with OE or after market parts contact us....

mailto:flyingdragonairrifles@hotmail.com Flying Dragon Air Rifles 515-924-3699

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Bill Powell
(Login BillinOregon)

Ordered mine!

April 17 2012, 6:52 PM 

Can't wait to have it in my mitts!
Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Farmer, and for the great price, Mike!

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