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Difference between the T45 and the Fast Deers?

May 2 2012 at 1:04 PM

dan house  (Login dan_house)

The T45 series seems to be discussed a lot suddenly.... and they bear a strong resemblence to  the Fast Deers.....

Are the 45's more desirable? better made? better internals?


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Mike B
(Login mjb108)

I have both and the FD looks more civilized

May 2 2012, 7:46 PM 

Mine are stored away right now waiting for me to go through them. Too many projects right now.

From what I've read, people have found both to be accurate wonders or total pieces of crap. I suppose much is what they come to the party with, but some is undoubtably what gets done to them and by whom.

My analysis based on not a lot more than looking at the guns when they came in and reading a lot of posts.


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(Login ZVP)

Re: Difference between the T45 and the Fast Deers?

May 5 2012, 5:59 PM 

 The Fast Deer is a very basic nearly agriculturial Sidelever that sold for a bargan basement price of under $30 for it's year or two long run,  I own both calibers (.177 and .22) myself and am very impressed with the 10m accuracy of the .177!

 The Fast Deers quickly became a "Cult Gun" and rebuilds and tunes for power and accuracy quickly came out on the net, The rifle is limited to about600- 650fps velocity with several tricks, so don't expect a cheap Magnum there...

 The trigger is the most detremental component, being a direct hook-up single stage affair with a heavy pull and long overtravel. Internals are built very strong and the rifle wil withstand a lot of shooting without troubles. The trigger lightens up a little with use but remains awfull nevertheless. This is not as daunting an obsticle as it may sound as when fired over a bench Good accuracy IS possible! You just need to learn to overcome the trigger to shoot the rifle.

 In my observations the .177 barrels are generally way above par for Asian Rifles and exhibit good accuracy potential and pellet friendlyness. They are nicely tapered on the exterior and the rifling is neatly cut.

 I built both of my Fast Deer identically, A good claean-up then Lube Tunes, I used either Brass or plastic shims in the cocking linkage pin which smoothed cocking up a LOT! I removed the sights and mounted Daisy Powerline Variable scopes ( In keeping with the Cheap-Gun scnerio) and found that the .177 easilly outshot the .22 for group sizes. Power-wise, the two calibers had velocity spreads as expected. The .22 packs a whollop compared to the .177 but groups on the large bore are sloppy.

 Truth be known, I actually use the .177 Fast Deer to check myself when my Magnum rifle groups start getting big. I have found the shot to shot consistancy and great grouping ability of the .177 F/D to tell me a lot about my own shooting mistakes and it's a great rifle to just calm down with!

 Am I glad I bought them? Heck yes! The .177 is for me and the .22 makes a fine loaner for group plinking sessions.

 Comparing the Fast Deer and TS-45 is sorta hard to do as the 45 has more velocity and range and a better trigger, Outwardlly they look similar but up close the differences show easilly.

 I Hope this brief overview helps define the Fast Deer (Sorry cant get pix to take).


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