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What is the lightest series/configuration of QB rifle that can

December 16 2016 at 10:19 AM
VAF  (Login VAFarmer)

still push 600-650 fps in .177?

I am guessing a QB79 with the single co2 adapter? maybe with a carbine barrel?

God bless,


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Anthony R
(Login fivestar45)

The lightest

December 17 2016, 11:27 AM 

of the bunch would probably a QB 78 standard. If you need it lighter you could shorten the barrel and if you are up to it the tube can be shortened to length for only one 12g powerlet. You could also get Don Cothran to make you an aluminum tube.

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Dave Dunn
(Login daved20319)

It's not just weight...

December 23 2016, 11:19 AM 

Stock design can make a big difference in how heavy a gun can feel. I have both a 78 & a 2078, despite the latter tipping the scale at a pound more in stock trim, it feels lighter. Just something to think about.


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(Login gubb33ps)

All metal and wood...

December 24 2016, 10:12 AM 

... (with the exception of the seals. Majority of the metal is steel and often rather thick steel.

This is not a great way to make a light-weight rifle.

The old 78Standard stocks were a lot lighter. Skinnier, more "boy's rifle" sized, and often made of some strange Chinese semi-hard wood that was less dense than what they use on the bigger stocks today. Can drill hollows under the butt pad and in other non-vital parts of the stock to reduce that weight a few ounces more.

The 78 standard uses a skinnier barrel as well, which wasn't all that much skinnier, but the weight difference was noticed.

Shortening the barrel certainly does decrease weight a little, but can have some other effects less welcome.

Can make them lighter, but getting really light would take replacing some steel parts with Al. parts.

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Scot Laughlin
(Login classicalgas)

..."making them really light would take replacing some steel parts with Al. parts."

December 24 2016, 6:44 PM 

...or even carbon fiber. I did a QB based pistol that used a chunk of graphite golf club shaft tensioning a piece of cr 2200 soda straw barrel. It weighed very little. A rifle version I did for a 2260 weighed about half what even that skinny 2260 crosman barrel weighs...and it was at least 4x as stiff.

The heaviest single component in a QB 78 is the barrel, but the rear end cap can be trimmed and dished, striker lightened,the spring support flat sided, and the stock hollowed out or skeletonised, and slimmed.

I suppose you could even shorten the gas tube and run a single cartridge, but I think those 180 styled short tubes are just awkward looking.

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(Login robnewyork)

since its only c02

December 26 2016, 10:57 PM 

id bet it would not be hard to make a 3 lb qb.. Skeleton stock , aluminum tube, turn the barrel down since 15mm is way overkill, and the list goes on

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(Login Dnadnnoid)

i got one of these things:

January 9 2017, 9:35 PM 


its on my qb79 that has a 12 inch barrel. Its very light and easy to maneuver with the real short barrel. I have a .177 and .22 shortened barrel if you really really need a velocity test i could do it

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