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Robert, Russ, and other with exp., how does the mrod plinks tear stack up to the qb reptr

January 2 2017 at 8:34 AM
Vaf  (Login VAFarmer)

I've been looking to replace a couple guns with some thing moderately priced that can put out 8-10 ftlbs, is a repeater, and is 30 yd accurate. Like 1.5 inch accurate. prefer.177

Must also be c02, and lightweight.

I like that the QB can take a variety of setups..........

These would be for the kids. They love the hw30 and the hw50. However, shooting sessions become boring because of the need to cock the gun. Figured I'd just go get a couple 1077 wood versions and do the accuracy mods for them......but they do occasionally come hunting with me. 10 ftlbs is good for rabbit and squirrel to 30yds.

Russ, dang! Sorry bout the shingles. They say that if you ever had chicken pox, you are pretty much guaranteed to have shingles. There is a new vaccine out there that I was wondering bout......

God bless your life and New Year,


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Sorry, autocorrected....MRod plinkster VS QB79 in .177

January 2 2017, 12:53 PM 


God bless,


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January 3 2017, 11:02 PM 

Don't have a standard QB around to measure....it will come out heavier by a good bit. AirMax stocks aren't real thick, but they are full-adult length, which might be a problem for younger shooters (current Qb stocks are also longer than the old QB standard's stocks....but at least you could hack on one and them buy a replacement as the kid grows).

QB79...the tanker version...ends up really heavy once you count scope/mounts/full 9oz co2 tank (full paintball tank is something close to 2 pounds by itself).

As mentioned in a post on the main page, loading the mag is a PIA for an adult...not real sure how kids would deal with it. I don't deal with it well out in the field, once the mags are all empty, will put the singl shot tray back in and NOT deal with them until I go back inside for lunch or a cup of coffee.

Power being equal, there's no way a single 12gr. is going to give the shot count of two 12grs. Not really an issue, other than the kids having to stop to reload twice as often.

Only time/use will tell. Seems very well built (even to the point of the striker and bolt using brass bearings on the screws that operate inside). If I had to bet, would bet the mags to offer problems long term...they just don't impress me as being as well desinged/built.

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I have neither of those, so I cannot say

January 6 2017, 12:33 AM 

I have a single shot QB and the Air Max Varmint, which is the PCP version of your co2 Plinkster. I haven't fired the Varmint yet as my boys have my air tanks at the moment.

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