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I think I'm done !!

January 16 2017 at 7:33 PM
rstanis  (Login rstanis)

Well I tryed.. This is a follow up on my post.
Sent it off to Tom Mace what a great guy ! He tryed and did everything he could but he doesn't have the machinery to repair it.. So I am done with air guns !! I will try to part it out.. Air tube is 36" long but 8-9" would have to be cut and machined.. 33" tj 7mm barrel.. Also any other parts not f'ed up !! Richards microfit stock.. Thank you greatly for all the help Tom !! Also thanks for all the support from all of you !!

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Tim Ward
(Login lefteyeshot)

Just get an old B3

January 17 2017, 5:25 PM 

and kill some cans and for get the old gun.

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(Login cthulu)


January 17 2017, 7:11 PM 

Tim has good advice, grab a B3 and have some simple accurate plinking fun, forget the old gun. Last I looked the B3s were about $40 on Amazon

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(Login Duane35)

I've got a .177 caliber springer I'll send to you.

January 18 2017, 1:23 PM 

Needs the rear sight, but it's yours if you pay the shipping. In great shape too!

It's a B3-F model, I think. The .177 version with a removable rear sight.

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Tom Mace

Sorry Ray

January 18 2017, 6:16 PM 

I was hoping to get it going for you. But Troy has got it so screw up the only way to get it going is cut off about 8in and put all the holes and slots back where they should be. He put the holes and slots in the air tube with a dremel hand grinder slots were put on angel the holes were big enough for two screws. Valve was cut off and the spring was on the outside which is ok if you don't have the return spring stopping the hammer from opening the valve. The hammer spring looked like it was a spring off from a bed frame. It is in bad repair like I said the air tube can be cut off and the holes and slots you could make it work a new breech should be ok but the thing has dremel marks all over it where it got away from him. It is a sorry mess lets hear it for mister f up.
Ray I want to thank you for the good words But I am sorry that I could not make work. Thank you Tom Mace

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(Login rstanis)

Re: Sorry Ray

February 11 2017, 9:55 PM 

Well the pieces are listed in the classified now.. Still debating whether to get a high quality springer or give up!!

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