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bulked plinkster pretty much done , now for tuning ( pics

February 18 2017 at 3:03 PM

Robny  (Login robnewyork)

photo sideview.jpg
well, not pretty , but i kinda knew that going in..the tank will eventually sit at 6 oclock below the stock, but for now this was expedient..An interesting part, I assume because of the massive plenum volume between the tank and valve is that the gun self regulates a bit.. I cannot get a shot off outside a 15fps spread,,pretty interesting .. another odd side effect is the valve doesnt always have the pressure to seat the check , so i need to recock quickly on occassion.. But thats easily fixed by going back to the heavier valve spring.
photo gauge port.jpg

another odd factoid , the valve sealed the tube with a 112 oring , yet my machined adapter only sealed the tube with a 113.Im down a few fps from just slapping in a 12 gram , and again , it needs to be tuned differently now that its almost all gaseous co2 reaching the valve, and not liquid..

photo completed_1.jpg

fun and easy project overall, the only challenge at all is sealing the tube..( you can externally test the bulk assembly , foster etc)matter of fact now that the pressure leveled off after initially piercing the 90 gram , the valve now seats no problem at 1000psi

photo inside PIC.jpg


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Anthony R
(Login fivestar45)


February 19 2017, 10:38 AM 

Is there a reason that you just don't charge the tube? If it holds three 12g's there is a fair amount of capacity for just bulk filling it.
I think it would make for a much neater, easier handling package.

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(Login robnewyork)

yes , thought of that

February 19 2017, 11:37 AM 

But , I really have no reliable co2 refill center.. I live in the sticks nowadays. AS it sits, I can fill via the foster if need be .. The good news is , It still works in the stock format.. I really like the looks of the gun in stock format, But then i figure, No one sees or uses it but me..I could not come up with a simple plan to make it a " pretty " bottle gun without chopping the tube and the stock.. Which would also be fine if mrod air had spares.The gun looks like something from mad max, and not in a good way

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Scot Laughlin
(Login classicalgas)

How far to the nearest welding shop, Rob?

March 17 2017, 9:06 PM 

Those 88 gram bottles are 8$-10$ each now, aren't they? $80 should about cover a 20lb bottle of co2 and a simple bulk fill setup. 20lbs of co2 lasts a very long time, at 1/20th the cost of 88 grams.

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