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Prototype 1.0 and 1.1 CP1 shroud

March 27 2017 at 8:54 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Testing a prototype 1.0 for the CP1.

photo f20d2ba2-9f84-47a1-955d-7fd738c04d53.jpg

1. 3/4" OD tube is about the max without touching the air tube, leaves a 1/10" nice even space.
2. The one show may be too long. Muzzle does end about 1 1/2 inches beyind the end cap, so the long shroud really only has about 2 1/2" of space ahead of the muzzle.
3. Only loose red-dot on hand is an old kind of crappy one already in see though mounts. I hate see though mounts when there is no front sight to see through to.
4. RedDot still works, but not only are the adjustments very coarse.

Was a bit of a challenge to get on target and I wasted a lot of shots. Without the heavy LDC from the last test, the light unweighted muzzle wanted to shoot way-way high....high enough that I sailed over an 8 1/2X 11" target paper at first.

photo eff6a59d-74c4-4fd0-86fa-5c8ab9bd11c3.jpg

5. Really doesn't shoot any worse or better than it did with the LDC and a red dot.
6. Unsure if I will just revert back to previous set up, or continue with the shroud.

If I do continue, will:

7. Experiment with some new internal parts.
8. figure out how to mount a useful front sight and go back to iron sights.
9. Eventally paint the shroud...the polished metal is a definate no-no for iron sights.

Prototype #1.1 (just a mod of prototype #1):

Only front sight I could find was a crappy plastic day-glow sight. Figured out how to mount it on a plastic tube that was a push fit over the 3/4" shorud.

SOMEDAY, I'll likely dupicate that with a steel sight tack-welded onto a steel base tube, all the same size as this plastic-wonder.

photo 6b2b6410-df14-4cf9-b5d7-bd2b436f69b4.jpg

Sight is a little high...which makes the rear sight a bit high...but there is reason in that madness. Needs to be a little elevated so that the magazine doesn't block the lower left hand corenr of the rear sight notch.

I could live with it this way...but I think I'm going to put the Red Dot shown in the first picture back on....at least that way, those ding-dang see-though rings would have something to be useful when seeing though.

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J Williams
(Login jlwilliams)


September 3 2017, 8:00 AM 

Do you have any details about how you made it or attached it to the barrel?

I saw this post about making a shroud for one:


I just got one of these and am thinking about making some sort of shroud. What kind/size of tube did you use and where could one get something like that?



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