An Awakening Emotion: Chapter 7

by Mara (no login)

Chapter 7: Looking Ahead

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Philip and Mimi were sitting on a big ultra comfortable beige couch in the entertainment room of the mansion. They had just finished studying together for another mammoth Government test. Glad that they were done, thinking they were as ready as they ever could be for their test, they sat there for a couple of minutes in silence.

With her feet up on the sofa, her shoes off, just like Philip, Mimi sat across from him, wearing light blue capris with a matching top that had writing on it. Her hair was partially pulled back from her face with barrettes. Focusing on him she took in the gray pants he was wearing with a long sleeved black shirt and how his hair was now…

She couldn’t resist any longer. She scooted up closer to him, took his face in her hands and kissed him, joyously running her hands through his now very new, but highly appreciated hair cut.

Philip couldn’t help chuckling after a bit at the way she kept digging her fingers through his strands of hair, his much more spiky short hair now. He broke away from her, but continued to let his lips linger near the area around her chin, knowing the effect pleased her by the way she sighed.

He whispered against her ear, feeling her shiver from the touch of his warm breath against her skin: “Meems, what are you doing?”

She continued to run her fingers through his golden tresses deliciously, marveling at how soft it still felt even with his new cut. Oh, those silky golden locks of his and now they were styled in a way that made him look so grown up, so appetizing…

She giggled…Appetizing! One fine dessert…

“Enjoying your new haircut…” She answered dreamily.

Philip chuckled softly, feeling both their bodies shake with the motion. He moved his lips over to her cheek. “Well, maybe I should get it cut more often?”

“Why?” She turned more to face him, feeling him move the side of his face against hers.

“Because it seems to make you act…” She started planting tiny little kisses up and down the side of his face as those fingers kept up their important job. Whoa, Philly…

“Act…how…?” She asked in between kisses.

“Wild…” He answered, stopping her fleeting kisses by taking her face into his hands and returning the favor, just with a lot more seriousness….

“Oh…” He groaned and pulled away reluctantly. Being with her was just so incredibly awesome, but if they didn’t start doing something else soon…if they kept up like this…he did have the house all to himself right now since Victor was out with Nicole…which meant there was nobody there to hold them back…

“Uh, let’s watch TV or something…”

She moved back with some disappointment on her face, but smiled sweetly at him. It was kind of fun…almost made her feel wicked, knowing she could affect him the same way he affected her.

“Okay.” She answered casually.

Philip smiled a bit shakily, running his hands through his spiky hair with just a touch of nervousness, making it stand up even more, and began flipping channels. Coming to an old episode of “Friends”, something they both agreed on, he sat back, feeling her settle close against him. Both of them were only halfway paying attention to the TV as they relaxed together.

“So Meems, can you believe that school’s almost over?”

She looked over at him and smiled amusedly at how his hair was REALLY sticking up now. She smoothed it down some.


“Your Welcome…No, I really can’t believe it Phil. This year practically flew by. But at least it was a lot better than I ever thought it would be.”

“He smiled over at her. “For me too. You think we’re ready for college?”

“I’m not sure about that…I hope so. At least we got our grades up. It’s still a ways off though and we have this summer too…”

He could feel her head resting against his shoulder as he rested his head near the top of hers. “Yeah, the summer’ll be great. No more spending time with Jan and cleaning out those locker rooms for you. No more late nights, thanks goodness.” He added with relief in his voice. He still didn’t care for the fact that she had to spend some nights late at school, cleaning.

Mimi smiled at the gentle concern in his voice. He always looked out for her. “Do you know where you’re going to go?” She asked tentatively. It was a topic they had avoided mostly, the fact that he was planning on going away for college and that she was going to have to stay home for it. Her family couldn’t afford to send her away and there were no scholarships waiting in the woodworks.

He sighed as the topic turned back to college again. What was he going to do? Some of the schools he had applied to so long ago…when he was still holding out for a chance with Chloe. For that reason he had applied to schools in New York. But now that things had changed…he had changed his mind too. He’d actually prefer to stay closer to home…closer to her. Also, lately he had developed quite an appreciation for the New England area. They both had from the weekend drives they sometimes shared.

“I don’t know yet for sure. I told you how I applied to quite a few places, but a good portion of them are in New York.”

“Because of Chloe?”

“Yeah, pretty much. I mean…you know how I spent so much time concentrating on her then. I couldn’t even picture my own life without her. There are others though too…closer to here.”

“Did you get accepted to every school you applied to?”

He shook his head with a smile. “No, no way. My grades improved a lot but still…I guess with a little phone call from my dad that could have been remedied, but I asked him not to do that. He informed me he had no plans of doing so anyway…that he was proud of how much harder I was working and that he wanted me to get into a school by my own merit.”

“So where would you LIKE to go?” She turned to face him again, letting her fingers lightly run over his arm and wrist.

“Uh, somewhere in the New England area. The more you and I have explored together the more attached I’ve become to it.
Actually, the ones I’ve been looking at the most are Dartmouth and Brown.” He started stroking her hair with his fingertips.

“Dartmouth’s in Hanover, right? Brown’s closer.”

“Yeah. Dartmouth’s got a really good business school which makes my dad happy and it’s a nice small size so the classes aren’t crowded. But it is kind of rural out there. And it’s like you said…Brown’s closer and the area around it is more metropolitan. I don’t know. They’re both really prestigious schools, but I still have to visit them…check them out. We could go together to see them.”

“Yeah, sounds great.” She answered with a touch of sadness. Dartmouth wasn’t terribly far, but it also wasn’t that close. Brown was closer, but still, it’d be different than being just minutes from each other.

Philip brushed his lips against her forehead. “Oh Meems, I didn’t mean to make you sad. It’s still a bit of a ways off. Maybe you won’t have to go to Salem U.”

“I can’t afford anything else Philip. I told you…my family can’t. I’m going to have to stay here. It’s not like it’s a bad school anyway.”

“No of course not. It’s just…”

“Just what?” She raised her head and looked at him questioningly.

It wasn’t that easy for him to get the words out. “You might…you might meet somebody new.”

“If anybody’s going to meet somebody new, it’s going to be you Philip.” She answered dryly.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because the girls always go nuts over you.”

“Well I just know the guys are going to be crazy about you once you start your college life. You’re so focused on what you want to do and that’s sexy, a girl that knows where she’s going with her life.”

“And you’d be happy to have guys feel that way about me?” She asked with confusion. How did they get onto all this and where was he going with it?

“No.” He answered point blank, but wasn’t finished. “I wouldn’t be happy, but it’s just…”

She moved away from him so she could completely face him, see his blue eyes clearly which were now clouded with uncertainty. “Just what?”

“Mimi, you said girls are going to go after me and maybe that’s true, but it doesn’t really matter to me much. I dated those kinds of girls a lot already and then I met Chloe and I fell in love for the first time, but you…”

“I what?”

“You haven’t really…” How should he say this? “You haven’t been out with that many guys Meems, unless there’s something I don’t know about.”

She shook her head in response. “No, there’s nothing I’ve kept from you. And you’re right…the only real boyfriend I had was Kevin and before that I never went out on a so-called ‘real’ date. Just group stuff with you and the gang. And now…”

“Now what we have is great Meems, but what if you meet somebody, somebody you want to be with?”

“You could meet someone too.” She added.

“Yeah, but…” He reached out for her face, holding it in his hands. “Mimi, I don’t want you to stay with me just because you think it’s your only chance or something…”


He cut her off gently. “Wait Meems. Let me finish. When I was with Chloe I made everything about her. You know that…I got obsessed. I don’t want to do that with you. I want us both to have our own lives.”

She looked at him shakily and got up and crossed to the other side of the room. Her back to him now, she asked in a very vulnerable voice: “Are you saying you want to break up with me?” She amended it quickly, realizing he still had never said he considered them boyfriend and girlfriend. “Oh, that’s silly of me to say, considering there’s really nothing to break up…it’s not like we’re engaged or something or…or boyfriend and girlfriend or…”

He got up and walked over to her, smiling at how she kept rambling, her vulnerable sounding voice stirring his heart.

Mimi was still talking as she felt his arms wrap around her from behind, as he held her close against his chest, his mouth against the top of her head.

He started to speak, tenderly cutting off her mutterings: “It’s not silly. And no I don’t want to break up. I love going out with you…we always have such a great time, so great that you’re the person I want to be with more than anyone now. Look at how you’re helping me deal with my fear of the ocean. Every time we go there now you help me get a little farther.” It was true. They had gone back a couple of times and each time they got closer to the beach area, to the water. “You ARE my girlfriend Meems and I like being YOUR boyfriend.”

“You do?” She asked, placing her hand over his arms, feeling him sway a little, a nice gentle motion. Wow, they really were boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Yeah.” He whispered, his voice like a caress. “It’s just….I don’t ever want you to feel trapped by this. If you decide you want to go out with someone new, I want you to just tell me. I can’t promise you I won’t get upset, but I swear I won’t go all nutso on you, okay?”

She turned around in his embrace to face him. Mr. Cool and Confident was such a puzzle sometimes. Underneath, there was such a vulnerability to him, an unguarded side to him that she saw in his eyes now. He still questioned his ability to be in a relationship without…

Reaching up for his face tenderly, Mimi’s jade eyes stared into his blue ones. “Oh Philip. I know I haven’t been with many other guys, but I don’t really want to be. I love being with you too. You make me feel so happy and you help me to believe in myself so much. You’re also so gentle. You’re not afraid to be sweet, kind and protective. You make me feel wonderful Philip and I don’t know about later, but for now I just enjoy so much being with you…and I honestly don’t see that changing any time soon…if ever.”

She kissed him softly, watching as his eyes closed and he kissed her back…finally letting her own eyes close.

The future would have to wait a bit still…

To be continued…the next chapter will continue this informal date…

Note: I’m totally enjoying Jay’s new hair cut so I had to include it in my story…just my own little indulgence…

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