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Some ideas for the ebook empire site...

March 10 2002 at 6:08 PM

Response to Holy Mother of God I feel like Killing Myself

Just thought you would like some critique of your site -

If you don't - simply ignore
(This may not be pleasant - please don't take it personally - be objective)

1) Your web site looks 'cheap'. Compare it with 'instantdough'. InstantDough was obviously done by a professional web designer. Yours looks like it was done by an amateur. This may be deliberate to get good listing in the search engines?
As a 'potential' customer when I see your site it doesn't inspire any confidance that your claims in the copy would be met.

Try to be the customer - what impression do you get the instant you see your site? (Be objective!)

2) The copy itself could be spruced up (try - Haven't seen the results myself but have heard that it is good)

I had to read it a couple of times before I realised that the current Mega Pack was in fact the march additions. I thought it was all the ebooks to date. Looking at the summary of ebooks I thought that each seperate table (1, 2, 3 etc) were for seperate months.
You need to make it clearer exactly what people will be getting each month. A good way of doing this would be to guarantee a minimum value for the month (See, that way people would know that they are getting good value.

I wanted to find out more about some of the books in the summary but there are no links anywhere to describe what the books are actually about. If you look at other similar sites you'll see that they include links to the actual sales pages used when selling the individual books. More information inspires more confidance in the potential customer.

3) $97 is a lot of money each month. I would think you're only ever going to get serious marketers subscribing.
Compare this with $29 a month. It's low enough that you'd also get the 'wannabes'. People who want to start out but don't have enough money to cough up $97 each month.
Also serious marketers would probably not want to get involved in a suscription deal where they don't know exactly what reprint rights they're getting(?). I would think that they would prefer to buy individual rights to better complement what they already have and what they know thier customers buy.
(This is only my personal opinion - obviously - hopefully you've already found out who your target market is and what they are prepared to pay?)

4) Looking at instantdough's site (and this could be wrong) it looks like you have to pay the $29 each month to be in the affiliate program? Does you're site work the same way? Again it's down to cost - $29 a month means that affiliates can sell instantdough without too much trouble, $97 a month is a whole different ball park, most people simply don't have that kind of disposable income - Affiliates know this and therefore won't sign up with you.

5) An idea - It may be worthwhile trying to sell each monthly bundle/library as a seperate sale. By that I mean - create a new site selling the March bundle for $97. I think you would get more sales that way provided you told the customer exactly what each ebook was about and had a good sales letter.

6) Just about to finish this post and so I exited your web pages. A popup came up (good!), it was a bit slow (could be the time of day). Also the Name and Email Address boxes are all skewed to the left. Again this makes you're site look cheap, tacky and amateurish. Try making them lineup (using tables). Also you have an unsubscribe option? I wouldn't have thought this should be on the popup - it's sole objective is to get subscribers! Either have a seperate webpage to unsubscribe or allow your subscribers to leave via a link in the emails you send them.

6) Rereading your original posting I see you're actually having problems with getting people to the site! (oops - it's gone 5am here and I've spent 30+ minutes checking your site and writing this so I'm not going to delete it - even though it wasn't what you were talking about it still holds true)

Ok so now I'll talk about getting people to your site!

Use to buy clicks to your site.
The sole purpose at this point is to test your copy. You should be trying for a ratio of about 1% or more (ie 1 out of every 100 will order).

Some people may say that for $97 a month 1% is too much to expect. I don't agree - if you've got excellent copy and a professional image and if you target your market properly you should be able to get a good ratio. Of course if it was cheaper (even $47 a month) you would find it a lot easier.

Also try the other pay per click search engines (findwhat, kanoodle etc). Although they don't get as much traffic (ie it'll take longer to get a set number of visitors) they are normally considerably cheaper for good keywords than overture - but not always - be careful.

Once you're happy with the ratio of visitors to sales you can roll it out to the ezines and optin lists (joint ventures) etc.

Just a thought - are you actually getting no traffic from your ads etc or is it that you have no sales so assume that you have no traffic?

Also - based on the copy at the website - you may need to spruce up your advertisng style?

You say you're new to this, if you haven't already done so you may want to take a look at 'Make Your Site Sell' and 'Make Your Words Sell' from Ken Evoy at, possibly also the course from Corey Rudhl, but check the sales letter to see if it applies.

If you need a good web designer try but make sure you check thier portfolios before accepting a bid (And make sure they understand you don't want all the flashy gizmos they try to sell you!).

I reread this post and in places it comes across as a bit harsh. It wasn't meant this way - put it down to the fact that it's now 6am! Hopefully you'll take it in the spirit it was offered - friendship and a helping hand.

The only difference between successful people and failures is perservance - Don't Give Up! You've got a good idea, it just needs tweaking and smartening up.

All the best and GOOD LUCK


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