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Article Banks - Great place for articles

March 22 2002 at 1:16 AM
Maria Marsala 

Response to Request for articles


Check out this article I recently wrote. You'll find lots of articles at the article banks located at

Article Banks = Internet Marketing Gold!

What is an article bank?

An article bank is a web site where an author can "deposit"
articles and a publisher of a printed or Internet
newsletter, magazine report, ebook, or website can obtain
articles for their use. Each site includes guidelines for
the author and publisher. Most article banks offer authors'
content for free; some include a small fee to the publisher
or allow the site's owner the right to publish the articles
in profitable ways (such as an ebook sold on the website)
Almost all article banks listed on this page allow the
author to keep full rights to their articles. That means
that the author continues to "own" the article. Articles
posted to the banks include copyright info and a bio at the
end of an article. Some sites include the authors' picture
and/or logo, too. Many article banks publish ezines that
include recently submitted articles, ad swap requests and/or
an "articles wanted" area. Some ezines include information
that will assist authors and publishers, too.

For Authors

Are you a business owner and a gifted writer? Maybe you're a
new writer, or are considering becoming a writer. Then use
your gift and market your business, too! Use the article
banks - it's a win-win situation.

Depending on the amount of writing you can produce, you
might consider hiring a Virtual Assistant or Copywriter to
assist you with proofreading, submitting articles, and
tracking where each article has been submitted. For more
information on Virtual Assistants, visit

Do you have a media page on your website? This page would
link to every website, ezine, magazine, radio or TV station
that has used your articles. This is a wonderful way to
thank the publisher, shows other sites where your ideal
client visits, and is a tool for you and your business.

Don't forget to place your articles on your website. Include
an easy way for your readers to request permission to use
the articles. This can include an auto-responder that sends
the text version of the article to the requestor or links to
your email address or even a special link where someone can
request permission to copy the HTML code (if they're using
it in an HTML ezine or on their website). This is yet
another way those of use who enjoy writing can market with

For Publishers

Articles banks are for you if you don't like to write or are
looking for additional content for your ezine, magazine,
website, etc. With the permission of the article bank or the
authors, use these articles for free. Many of the sites
below contain both article banks and ezine directories. Some
offer a special area where the publisher can request
articles or ad swaps. When you visit article banks, look for
the other services that the site owner provides for
publishers and utilize all their services.

For Authors and Publishers
If you find yourself using an article bank over and over
again, consider providing a link from your site to their
site - maybe on a "recommended links" page. It's an
excellent way to thank the site owner for providing such a
valuable resource.

Where To Find Article Banks

To view a very large list of article banks, visit

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