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Letter Crititque For Deck Restoration Business

May 24 2002 at 1:47 PM
Gary Creed 

Hi All,

I have put together a letter that I plan on sending out to a vary targeted list, for starting a deck restoration
business, and would like some honest feedback on it.

I drove around my town and spoted decks that I think
are in need of restoration.

Then I took there house number and street address down.

What I did then was went to and did
a reverse address lookup.

I then have a software program called smartboard
running, which is a add-on to windows clipboard, that
enables me to capture multible items & create a database.

I then have the letter in word running in the background
and switch over to word, I then address it to there sir name

When I drove by I put down the price I figure I can do it for. I then put in a bid and mail it.

Before I started I did a lot of research on the best stains
and came across this month's consumer reports magazine that
ran a article on the best stains & paints for doing this and
attached the article about the stains.

I so far have sent out about 25 letters and no calls.

Here is the letter

May 21, 2002

Dear Mr. Jacoby:

My name is Gary Creed, I am a painter here in Madison, WI and for the last two years, I have been running a specialty
Painting business, painting Wrought iron railings & fences. The other day one of my customers asked me to stain her
deck, which I did, she was quite Satisfied with my work. & I liked doing it.

Here name is Ms. Jones 4219 McKenna Rd Monona, WI 53716 Tel 608-222-1894

So I thought of how many other Decks-Steps-Fences etc. also needed this, and starting doing some research on the Internet.

What I found was, that most people use Thompson's , which is one of the worst products to use. IT DOES NOT LAST.

My research brought me to this month's Consumer Reports Magazine Pg. 47 Tilted Deck Treatments, House Paints.

What I discovered was that Cabot's Solid Color Oil Deck Stain lasted the longest, Followed by the transparent stains.
The clear sealers lasted the least length of time, they had to be redone every 6-12 Months.

Here's a post from an online forum at that I ran across from someone who used Cabot's

Cabot stains last forever. I stained my deck (Chicago suburbs, -20 degree winters, 100 degree summers) 5 years ago
And it has not even slightly faded. This product will probably last 15 years with no problem whatsoever.

What he used was the Cabot' Semi-Transparent Deck Stain.

I have already taken the liberty to look over yours and can do yours for $350.00. This includes thoroughly Cleaning the

Deck Or Wood With Cabot's Deck Cleaner and applying there stain.

If you would like to stop re-doing yours over and over again. Please Call 255-6691 If I am not in, please leave your
Name and number & I will return your call when I get in.


Gary Creed

P.S. Every Customer Who Schedules There's To Be Done Before The Start Of The Memorial Day Weekend, Will Receive

1 FREE Bag Of Charcoal Briquettes.

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