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There are DISadvantages...

April 3 2003 at 2:27 AM
Neil Tarvin 

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Hi, Teri -

I've used Booklocker - and there are distinct DISadvantages...

1) You will have TONS of competition right on the Booklocker site. Every other book there is competing with you for the visitor's $$... Potential readers can easily get sidetracked by all the other books...

2) You'll have to advertise and promote twice as hard to get visitors to your specific book page...

3) They do no design at all in their pdf's - whatever you send them in manuscript form is exactly what the pdf will look like. This gives you no way to increase the perceived value of your ebook. (Higher perceived value = higher price = more profits!)

4) I don't know what percentage they take these days - it used to be 50%!! Way too much...

Here's my suggestion -

DO IT YOURSELF!! You'll make more money and have a lot more fun...

This forum is a WEALTH of information! See those little numbers at the bottom of the page?? Those are all pages of previous questions and answers. Anything and everything you want to know can be found there - just take it one step at a time.

Visit my site - there's also tons of free info there, and there are many other people's sites listed here that will also help.

Reconsider your Booklocker plans - it's no way to get an ebook business started... Plus, start thinking "outside the box." Booklocker seems comfortable because they try to mimic the way print publishers work. That doesn't work on the 'Net... the only way to create something worthwhile is to do it yourself - be your own publisher...

Neil Tarvin

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