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My Thoughts On The Subject

June 9 2004 at 1:41 AM

Response to It's not enough to keep going....

IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO "KEEP GOING" It's not enough to keep going.... ---- "Hang on" what we are always told. Too many of us live with the concept: Never give up. That comment is only half right. That comment indicates action. But action alone does very little. Imagine you're a pilot and you fly the plane. Action gets you some place but not necessarily where you want to go. If you run out of fuel, you're front page, bold headline news. The most important factor of all is direction. Knowing where you're going. When you know where you're going, then storms are just storms. Engine trouble is just engine trouble. You KNOW your destination. You will get there and that's what makes the biggest, most profound difference. Knowing where you're going. Knoweth where thou goeth. And that allows you to live your life and your business by the phrase: Even if you fall, fall like a rubber ball...Bounce back up. ---- If you don't understand structure, you eventually lose out. Because structure gives you a sense of purpose. You build the entire house based on a structure. You don't add room by room by room. Even if you don't build the rooms at one go, you make sure the structure is in place before hand on your architect's blueprint. A house that is built on structure is one that is strong. The end in mind. Knowing the end and putting together the structure is what will eventually create an amazing future for you. Persistence alone is not enough. ---- [ thoughts on the subject ]... I've always been Positive Minded all my life...good-ole PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Being an early retired (because of terminal lung cancer surgery miraculous recovery) Hypnotherapist-Hypnotist...kind of put me ahead-of-the-class in some respect. I never believed for a second, that I would die even when four doctors doomed me to death with less than six months to live and 'forget about surgery...out-of-the-question". I insisted on the surgery. Surgeon said "I'll do the surgery, but you could die". I replied, "No disrepect doc, but that's bull****...Let's go for it". The surgery was three years and eight months ago....PMA. However...'this time''s different. The bastards not only stole all my computer equipment and business software...they stole my life...reason to reason for existance. Not insured...complete loss of thousands of dollars on software, eBooks, programs, addition to a complete high end computer system.Not looking for sympathy...don't have any for myself...can't afford that luxury. In light of the previous theft of all my photo equipment, photos, books, personal things in the earlier theft while I was in the hospital.(which was totally devastating and still haven't gotten over 'that one' yet)..and the recent escapades for the past two months...this is the-straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back. Someone might say to 'keep praying...there's always 'hope''...Yeah...Right...with no 'Hope' there is nothing left. I don't mean this to sound like a dooms-day-report...but reality is reality. Being a 1,200 Year Old Highlander Immortal ...I've-seen-it-all. Now I'm just waiting to hear the sound of the "swish from a sword' behind my head so I could finally have some peace. Not crying-in-my-beer syndrom here...just royally pissed off with nowhere else to turn.And I was finally starting to believe that life-could-have-been-fun....Love ya. ~ ED

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