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Who Is Stopping YOU from Making Money Online

May 18 2015 at 9:15 AM
Koffi A 


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Okay, so this one should be easy. Think about it for a minute. The internet is what I would compared to like an ocean. It's very big and wide and deep.

And of course the fish are your customers and clients that you need to catch in order to earn a living... Or if you get good at it you may even change the landscape of the businesses online and make a big impact.

But there's still one problem. What and who is stopping you from making serious money on the internet?

Many people run into several obstacles when it comes to making money online and can't find a solution. So they start blaming the economy, people trying to bring them down, or other circumstances that causes them to fail and give up.

But if I told you the truth right now, would you get angry at me and say no?! Or would you agree with me?

And I can give you several reason why, I believe this, and please, don't get mad.

So, I would have to say, the only thing that is stopping you from making money online is YOU!


Because, people can say all types of mean things to you to try to bring you down and even your online business down; however, it's up YOU to decide how you're going to handle it...

Some may write some negative reviews about your business, but at least if they're honest about it, that can help you to improve your product or service.

But, there are those who will write negative reviews about you or your business to deliberately try to bring your business down. That's okay too! And this is how you handle it... Just be honest and positve in your approach to continue to help people as much as you can. And most people will see through the lies of the the negative people trying to bring you down, and they will write more and more positive things about your business.

How about the economy?

You don't have to worry to much about the economy because if you've studied history, some of the most successful businesses came out of when the economy wasn't doing well at all. Most of it was because of the mismanagements of certain funds of money in certain business, that causing an imbalance of funds being transfered.

And I can go into more detail about this, but you get the idea. So insteading of telling you again and again the reason for the bad economy, something that you're already aware of, I need to cut to the chase about who is stopping YOU and give you more reasons why and use myself as an example.

So the only thing that is stopping you from making money online is YOU not taking action. You see and hear stories of other people doing great. But unless you actually do something and take action, or at least get all your feet wet, you will stay at the income level you are today.

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So, What are you waiting for?

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