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About My Authorised Reprint Rights Offer...

May 1 1999 at 7:56 AM
Ken Silver 



(But first, a little story)...

Yesterday I climbed the small mountain behind our home. It's
called Mt Kau Kau. It's not a big walk, and because our house
is already at one of the highest points in Wellington, over-
looking our spectacular harbour, I took only 20 minutes to
reach the top.

It was a little break from the comforts of my home office -
though if I wanted I could've taken my Macintosh PowerBook
up there and continued working.

But I sat in the long grass and basked in the sun. There was
just a gentle breeze, and the view was awe-inspiring.

I spent most of that time reflecting on my new life, free
from the onerous task of being a wage-slave. Just 9 months
ago - now it seems much longer. The rest of the time I spent
calling my family on my StarTAC, telling them how much I
appreciated them and their support.

Yes, it was a good couple of hours well spent. Exercise,
reflecting and connecting.

I thought about the profit vehicle that allowed me to do Info-Publishing Knowledge Pack. Sales are booming,
yet I spend absolutely no time at all processing the orders.

That's all done automatically, while I climb mountains.

(Get to the point Ken!)

Well, my trip up the mountain yesterday was my own self-imposed
reward...a reward for finally finishing an offer I'm going to
make to you now.

Here's what I've dreamed up for you...


You see, selling on the internet is darn difficult for most
people. They often lack the credibility, the background,
the winning product to make the step to burgeoning sales.
Sure, many of my info-manual buyers learn how to take the
steps and sell their info-manual.

Lots do. I've heard of some good stories so far.

But if you had a top-quality product right NOW, that you
could sell and have confidence in, you'd be out there on
the mountain with me, I bet!

So that was the reason for my climb...I had just put the
finishing touches to an Exclusive Offer that you can use
right now, to start selling a ready-made info-manual while
keeping all the proceeds from the sale for yourself. And
get all the backing and support in the world to grow your

That way is through Authorised Reprint Rights.


I'm offering the exclusive, limited, Reprint Rights for my
Info-Publishing Knowledge Pack to you.

There are just 20 international rights available.


Are you familiar with the term 'Reprint Rights'?

Reprint Rights is the exclusive permission for you to take
my full Info-Publishing Knowledge Pack product and sell it
on your website, or by email.

You can duplicate and sell my product as often as you like,
without paying out any royalties, or any other extra payments

You are as free as a bird to promote it globally, and keep all
the proceeds. And don't worry about competition...there are
hundreds of millions of prospects - more than you or I will
ever contact in our lifetimes. They'll never run out, and more
keep coming each day.

Here's how you benefit as a rights buyer:

1) It's an easy and profitable way to GET STARTED NOW. You
don't have to spend time creating a manual...just piggyback
on the success of my Info-Pack to grow your income. You can
do it in your spare time too - just like I do.

If you already sell info-products, so much the'll
be an easy step.

2) You get a top product. This is important - no-one will buy
or keep a poor runner. My Info-Pack is a winner. Over 600
have sold since the end of last year, with only 2 returns (yes,
TWO - that's not a misprint). And no-one was dissatisfied
with the quality of the Pack.

Even if you are new to Reprint Rights and the publishing
business as a whole, you'll know that this is an exceptional

3) I stand behind my product totally. You have been to my
Discussion Forum, even posted on it perhaps, and know that I
am active in the self-publishing business - have been for
years. And I'm a Board Advisor for Anthony Blake's Inner can't get more credible than that. These facts
help your sales immensely.

4) If you've seen the unsolicited testimonials on my home pages,
you'll know that I give superior service in everything I do.

I was recently approached for the Reprint Rights for my Info-Pack
by Dr Paul Hartunian (the man who sold Brooklyn Bridge). Paul is
a discerning businessman who specializes in Reprint Rights, and he
wanted mine.

If he didn't think my product was viable, and worth its weight in
gold, he wouldn't have made the offer to me.


That leaves 19 rights to sell as of now.

Bill Myers also sells some of his info-product rights, and if
he too didn't think it was a great deal, he's be the first to tell
you. Bill's got a great article, and you can read on it on the
site I'm going to give you below.


I've put more information on my website. Visit it now and learn
a little more about the fascinating, low-risk business of my
Authorised Reprint Rights.

It's 11am. I'll change out of my pajamas and take another walk.
The sun is shining, the future is beckoning. Join me!

And remember- only 19 Authorised Reprint Rights are available.
Be one of the successful climbers now!


Ken Silver

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