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Just Like McDonalds...

May 17 1999 at 10:04 AM
Ken Silver 

Response to Hmmmm.....

Hi Cornell,

The concept is no different to any other franchise agreement, like say KFC, Pizza Hut or Dennys.

Each store owner has the right to sell and promote the product as if it were their own...except in these cases they pay ongoing fees to the franchise holder - whereas mine is bought in one lump sum. No ongoing fees apply.

And Master Franchisers can buy the rights to sell as many stores to owners as they like, within the bounds of geographical location obviously. This location restriction however is not a problem on the net, since each of us has our own little 'plot' with legions of buyers that deal with only us.

I understand you're concerned about overlap of effort and sales, Cornell, but believe me, this is not an issue.

The internet market is vast.

Many people here think we're all working in a small pond, mainly because of the number of 'regulars' we interact with on these forums. But the real market is huge...almost everybody wants to work from home in their small business, part or full time.

And the Info-Pack fufills that demand in a way that few other businesses can.

Look at me. Who could have dreamed that my entire business can be contained and operated from my laptop...a box half the size of a pizza pack that can I tuck under my arm wherever I go in the world? Rarely could you find such a business in the 'old' days - a few years ago - but now it is a reality for millions.

The demand is real and vital.

So you, I, or any other marketer cannot oversupply this market, ever. And this is one of the few times I'm willing to make such a wide-ranging statement like this one - I'm so confident this is true. We haven't even scratched the suface yet.

My only regret here is that I have made TOO FEW rights available, at too low a price.

The rate at which they're being picked up suggests that - like McDonalds - there can be one on every block in the world, running profitably, without competition or worry at all.

Ken Silver

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