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How Much Is Time Worth???

July 17 1999 at 12:23 PM
Mike Rodman 

Response to Should I Write a Boolket?


Let's begin with the principles of *why* people buy. They are:

Need ~ Which is obvious. They need a toaster, a car, clothes, etc.

Greed ~ Which is the next step up. Just like a child wanting an ice cream cone after seeing another child with one. Or constantly believing the *Grass is always greener* concept. This is a MAJOR factor in WHY people purchase. They will always have a need for something bigger, better stronger, faster or *New and Improved*!!!

Fear ~ The fear of something is a highly under rated selling concept. People fear the loss of money, health, friendship, material possesions. Many even fear the loss of Heaven. Fear is a TREMENDOUS motivator!!!

To answer your question of whether you should write the book on *Selling Your Home On Your Own*... Certainly you should!!! (With a different title of course!!!) :-)

People will purchase it if you cater to at least one if not all three of the motivators listed above.

Even if there is free info on the internet... Most are to lazy to research it for themselves. They want a nice, neat, tidy little booklet that will save them 6% to 8% on the sale of their home!!! People want *Easy*!!! Look at this below... (Not real great but an example)
"Mike and Teresa Rodman saved $8,432.00 on the sale of their home!!!"

"Thanks to Lori and her book we were able to save over $8,000.00 in sales commissions!!! Definitely worth the twenty bucks we spent!!! It was easy!!! Anyone could do it!!! Thanks Lori!

Now we can put in the Hot Tub and Deck we've dreamed about!!!".... MIke Rodman, Wyoming


People want to save time (Greed), Save money (Greed), Not pay others a ton of money if they don't have to (Fear), Hot tub and Decks (Need)

Cater to it all Lori... Go for it! You'd have a product that people are interested in. You just need to learn how to hit the *Hot Buttons* of those prospects.

Call some of the FSBO's in your area. (For Sale By Owners) Ask them why they are selling on their own and why. Find out. Again... Powerful Stuff!!!

Information is a powerful tool Lori... Use it to your advantage.

You have a niche market, a product ready to be developed. Now see if it's viable.

You can also call homes that are listed already by realtors. And see if they would've been interested in a *Manual* so they could've saved *thousands* in realtor costs. And if they would have. Then what particular reason would make them purchase your book???

With that information... You now know how to *market* to that particular target niche!!!

Test your market Lori. See if you have a viable market first... Then produce your product. Not before.

Success and Regards... MIke

P.S. E-mail me if you need a little help. :-)

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